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Bangladesh Blog Buzz:

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Shuvo Bangla Nobobarsho (Happy Bengali New Year) to everyone. Let us take a look into what the Bangladeshi blogs are saying lately.

* Celebration: The 3rd world view writes [1] about “Pahela Baishakh”, the Bengali New Year which was celebrated with much enthusiasm involving a record crowd on the April 14, 2006 in Bangladesh.

* Culture: Shapps posts [2] his thoughts about the verdict of a British court against a Bangladeshi woman who was convicted for shaking her child violently to cure it from ‘evil spirits’.

* Cricket: Bangladeshis are crazy about cricket. They were all cheering when Bangladesh put the world champion Australia on back foot in a recent test but did lose the game eventually. Mezba writes [3] how some Bangladeshis resorted to superstition to bring luck to their favor.

* Economy: Shafiur discusses [4] the political economy of investment in Bangladesh highlighting the case of Niko.

* Podcast: Joe at Bongo Vongo posts readings of English translations of two short stories of Rabindranath Tagore as podcasts: – ‘The Hungry Stones’ [5] & ‘The Victory’ [6].

* Painting: Kazi Rubaiat Imam posts [7] a link to an interview with Hashem Khan, Master artist of Bangladesh, who happens to be his teen idol.

* Identity: Nashat gives her thoughts [8] on the clash of religion and identity.

* Education: Deshcalling writes an essay [9] on the plagiarism in Bangladesh Universities.

* Election: Ahmede Husein takes a critical look [10] at the electoral system of Bangladesh which is plagued by the use of black money and muscle power.

Electric blues urges the youth of Bangladesh to force a change [11] by choosing the right leaders in the coming election.

Shafiur posts [12] some questions and answers on why the recent pre-election violences in Dhaka are causing much chaos in Bangladesh.

* Politics: The Bangladeshi blogosphere erupted with reactions when journalist blogger Tasneem Khalil revealed that the Bangladesh government has spent [13] a lot to 3 US PR lobbyists to improve its image [14] and a recent report [15]on Bangladesh in the TIME magazine was the fruit of that effort.

* Human rights: Mash criticizes [16] the strategy of war against terror. Citing the recent police brutality on journalists during Australia-Bangladesh cricket match, he comments that as long as Governments in the third world continue to terrorize their citizens the environment that creates violence will not cease.

* Language: Adda posts [17] an eye opener- ‘half of the world's 6000 languages are in danger of disappearing in just a few generations‘, while discussing on the Mother Language Day.

* Entertainment: Razib Rashedin reviews [18] the movie ‘Khela Ghor (Dolls house)’ and rates it as one of the best Bangla movie he has seen in recent days.

* Life and Spirituality: Whether the subject is mysticism, spirituality, meditation, yoga, sufism or prayer, Sadiq discusses all in his blog ‘Inspirations and Creative Thoughts’ [19].