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Manila – blogging conference capital

Categories: East Asia, Philippines, Citizen Media, Digital Activism, Freedom of Speech, Human Rights, Media & Journalism, Technology

In the Philippines many bloggers are, understandably, excited by not one but two conferences on blogging and the internet taking place in the capital Manila. In one part of town there is the second Philippine Blogging Summit iBlog2 [1]. Blogger disini judges it a success: We had more speakers (5 times more than that original 5 in iBlog), 2 separate rooms, and surprisingly, more attendees (a total of more than 200 sign-ups) than the first Philippine Blogging Summit [1] while Clair found it a great experience but too cramped [2]. And also taking place is Free Expression in Asian Cyberspace: A Conference of Asian Bloggers, Podcasters and online Media [3] – the sessions are being blogged at Inside PCIJ [4].