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Iran's Nuclear Crisis, Persian Gulf Islands and Funds for Palestine

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Permanent members of UN Security Council and Germany have come together to discuss their common action against Iran and the so-called “nuclear crisis” is a very hot issue in the Iranian media and blogs.

Jadi (Persian) writes about nuclear energy and why he is against it [1]:

I as a democrat, environmentalist and a pro sustainable development am against nuclear energy. I think Iran’s problem is not energy but industrial undevelopment. If Iran wants electricity she must improve present installations and not to buy second Chernobyl….I hate wasting oil money without asking me…”

There are several comments left on Jedi's post, in Persian, expressing different point of views. Hassan who left a comment is in favour of nuclear weapon and says we are living in a wild world and we need to have them to defend ourselves. He reminds us that Afghanistan was a wounded country after 30 years war and Iraq was disarmed. He adds they were defenceless and then they were attacked.

Saba in another comment says Iran is a potentially rich country but drugs, unemployment and prostitution are everywhere. These slogans (nuclear right) are there to distract us.

Foad a blogger says in his comment “My absolute right is bread ,freedom, happiness and sex..; these minor things and not big issues like nuclear energy.”

There is a group of Iranian bloggers which has changed their names to express two issues [2] (Persian):
1-They ask government to be tough on Arab countries that are in dispute with Iran regarding three small islands in Persian Gulf [3].
2-They also ask government to resist against western pressure concerning nuclear issue.

According to news reports, Iran will contribute 50 million dollars to Palestinian authority. Hojreh, a cleric blogger, says (Persian) he want his share, as an Iranian citizen, of this money [4]. He adds he is really disgusted when Palestinian groups did not condemn the bombing of Shiite mosques in Iraq.