Iran's Nuclear Crisis, Persian Gulf Islands and Funds for Palestine

Permanent members of UN Security Council and Germany have come together to discuss their common action against Iran and the so-called “nuclear crisis” is a very hot issue in the Iranian media and blogs.

Jadi (Persian) writes about nuclear energy and why he is against it:

I as a democrat, environmentalist and a pro sustainable development am against nuclear energy. I think Iran’s problem is not energy but industrial undevelopment. If Iran wants electricity she must improve present installations and not to buy second Chernobyl….I hate wasting oil money without asking me…”

There are several comments left on Jedi's post, in Persian, expressing different point of views. Hassan who left a comment is in favour of nuclear weapon and says we are living in a wild world and we need to have them to defend ourselves. He reminds us that Afghanistan was a wounded country after 30 years war and Iraq was disarmed. He adds they were defenceless and then they were attacked.

Saba in another comment says Iran is a potentially rich country but drugs, unemployment and prostitution are everywhere. These slogans (nuclear right) are there to distract us.

Foad a blogger says in his comment “My absolute right is bread ,freedom, happiness and sex..; these minor things and not big issues like nuclear energy.”

There is a group of Iranian bloggers which has changed their names to express two issues (Persian):
1-They ask government to be tough on Arab countries that are in dispute with Iran regarding three small islands in Persian Gulf.
2-They also ask government to resist against western pressure concerning nuclear issue.

According to news reports, Iran will contribute 50 million dollars to Palestinian authority. Hojreh, a cleric blogger, says (Persian) he want his share, as an Iranian citizen, of this money. He adds he is really disgusted when Palestinian groups did not condemn the bombing of Shiite mosques in Iraq.


  • I am glad true Iranians speak out against this wrong action taken by the Mullahs to send our OIL money to terrorists in Palestinian territories.

    Millions of Iranian workers and clerks are not paid well but the government of Iran donates millions of dollars in cash to outlawed group.

    How more disgusting it can get?

  • I wonder why my comment here was removed! It didn’t have any thing wrong!

    Does GVO exercise censorship?

  • I sure do pray this issue can be resolved. I am not Iranian, but the Persian people are truly wonderful people. My tears flow each time I learn of another imprisonment, another hanging, another assassination. This must stop.

    I pray for your freedom, your very lives, your hopes and dreams. Just as long as they do not include nuclear weapons. Please, God. Forget the weapons!

  • Thanks. My Apologies for that!

  • The headlines are scary with the possibility of another war in Iran
    coupled with the final recognition that Global Warming is real and
    needs to be immediately addressed. I’m writing this now because I
    feel that most people on the planet don’t know that *WAR IS THE
    happened to sit beside a world leader in environmental technologies
    on an air flight. He shared with me all kinds of remarkable
    technologies that are fully developed and are simply waiting to be
    used to re-shape the infrastructure, it gave me such hope but he
    still sounded grave. When I asked him what the single greatest
    concern for the environment was, expecting him to say gasoline
    engines or oil-based fertilizers, he said, “without a doubt, it’s
    war.” Iraq is still suffering from the uranium depleted shells
    America used in the war back in 1990. Each bomb dropped does vast
    amounts of untold damage to the fundamental ecostructure of the
    area. With war technology escalating, and the illusion that
    our ‘tactical’ weaponry is becoming more efficient for frequent use,
    we are digging our own graves.
    All I see in the headlines is a bunch of world leaders obsessed with
    the thought that “might equals right”. This attitude may
    have even served the planet for the past few millenia, but we can
    simply no longer afford it. “Might equals right” breeds terrorists.
    We, the People of the Earth, need to adopt a balanced attitude of “nurturance equals assured co-existence”. The gulf between luxurious lifestyle of the West, which consumes more than 2/3rds of the world’s resources, is simply shameful compared to the poverty of the East. I’m not saying we neet to equal things out, I’m saying that even a little charity can go a long way. Thousands of studies have shown that nothing is more stressful than poverty.
    But we can’t rely on our leaders, even if America could impeach Bush
    and install another President, what about the leaders of all the
    other nations of the world that suffer from this same attitude and
    fan each other’s militaristic attitudes? INTERPERSONAL RELATIONS
    between citizens of different nations, concerned dialogue that leads
    to a realization of the sufferings and shortcomings of our system,
    is the only thing that can help us to realize where the need is and
    how best to fill it. This isn’t, unfortunately, about altruism
    anymore, it’s simply about survival.
    I don’t know the answers, but I know SOMEBODY does. How do we
    establish a network of communication across language, culture, and
    technology barriers? I don’t know, I came here hoping to find a way to connect common people of different nations together, but I still have yet to find a web site that does. This site is great, but how do we get the average American and the average Iranian to understand what their respective worlds are like?
    I don’t know the answers, but here’s a yahoo group I started to at
    least help get the ball rolling:
    It’s not much, but if we all contribute a little bit to this, who
    knows, maybe we can create a mass consciousness and avert war, end
    terrorism, and tell our leaders, “thank you, but we’re managing well
    enough without you now”.
    A Concerned Human

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