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Village cricket match, Caribbean-style

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Howsen Village cricket match [1]
Easter Sunday cricket match — Howsen Village, Trinidad. From caribbeanfreephoto [1]

At this time of year, thoughts in the English-speaking Caribbean turn to the game of cricket [2]. Travel around any of the region's former British colonies and you're likely to come across greens like this one, located in Howsen Village, Trinidad [3]. This Easter Sunday match pitted a side from Howsen Village and environs (batting) against a team from Valencia (fielding) and was watched by a crowd of about twenty, amply supplied with beer and rum and egging on the players in between talk of local matters, including a lovers’ quarrel which most were certain would soon be resolved (this in spite of the fact that the woman had “chopped” the man). The score at tea time was 121 for 5.

The Caribbean's international cricket season [4] kicks off on April 29, with Zimbabwe facing off against the West Indies in Antigua. The West Indies Cricket Blog [5] aggregates the talk about West Indies cricket.