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Revolution In Nepal: Monarchy On Its Way Out

Categories: South Asia, Nepal, Freedom of Speech, Human Rights

The movement has turned into a revolution.

Democracy For Nepal [1]
has collected many photos from many sources: Protests [2], Protests [3], Protests [4], Protests [5], Protests [6].

DFN also has taken a clearly republican line: Zero Tolerance Policy Towards Monarchy [7], Nepali Congress Or Praja Parishad [8], Malaria, Polio, Monarchy [9], Hamro Nepal: Draft Constitution [10], Interim Constitution, Revolutionary Parliament [11], Shoot At Sight Order: Dead End For The King [12].

DFN has also covered two events in New York City and has mentioned a huge rally planned for Friday: Happy New Year 2063 [13], Nepali Mandir [14], Friday Rally [15]. There are video clips and photos from the two events.

Samudaya [16] has taken the lead on fundraising among the diaspora [17] for emergency medical services in response to the Gongabu massacre. The site also has an audio interview with the famous student leader Gagan Thapa [18] out in the streets of Kathmandu. There are extensive photos: 1 [19], 2 [19], 3 [20], 4 [21], 5 [22].