7 April 2006

Stories from 7 April 2006

Mongolia: Tom Terry-rist

Tom Terry has a translation of a Mongolian newspaper article charging Eagle TV (which is the Christian station that Terry runs) with terrorism for causing divisions among Mongols. Luke Distelhorst has additional comments.

Voices from Central Asia and the Caucasus

(c) Christopher Herwig – Impressions from Turkmenistan – reproduced with permission Welcome to the latest roundup of the Central Asian and Caucasian blogosphere, brought to you bi-weekly by neweurasia. As usual, we take you through the countries alphabetically. Armenia: Onnik Krikorian has the latest from the Armenian blogosphere on Oneworld....

Ukraine: Relations With the EU and Russia

Oleksandr of Messages From Canada writes on Ukraine's unique position between Russia and the EU: “Located between new EU members with increased production costs and Russia with strong ambitions to expand to new markets, Ukraine could become another economic wonder or business paradise: for EU – to outsource/shift the production...

Protests Against Violence in Venezuela

  7 April 2006

Today marks the third straight day that Venezuelans have taken to the streets to protest the murders of three, young Canadian-Venezuelan brothers and their chauffeur who were kidnapped on February 23rd and found dead in the town of Yare with gunshot wounds to the head this Tuesday. Opposition ghostblogger Jorge...

India: Domestic Violence

  7 April 2006

Wicked Angel writes on the issue of domestic violence, on how it's ignored by most forums and how it affects women from all socio-economic backgrounds.

Sri Lanka: The root of conflict

  7 April 2006

A post at Moju attempts to pinpoint the events in Sri Lankan history that have vastly contributed to the ethnic conflict. The comments engage in a lively discussion.

India: Information Kiosk

  7 April 2006

Evenstar profiles Mumbai's information Kiosks that helps access free E-Mail, E-Banking, E-Greetings, Star Forecast, Exam Results, Railway Enquiry, Mumbai Guide, Movie, Restaurants, News, Health, Education etc.

Lebanon: Street Walk

Having his car in repair shop, Ramzi decided to walk down the streets of Beirut with a handy cell phone camera. What he sees are things you can’t notice while driving. Check them out.

Libya: Outstanding Libyan Women

Hanu was recently featured in the Mideast Connect online magazine because of her work as Managing Director of the Tibra Foundation whose aim is “to organize community-sponsored supportive projects to benefit women of the Libyan community and highlight their achievements.” What Highlander enjoyed most was reading about these talented women....