Hong Kong: Drug mules

Would you go easy on a drug smuggler?

“For the number of people whose deaths they would most likely have contributed to by bringing that stuff in they got off damn light in my book,” writes the flagrant harbour blogger about three Australians convicted yesterday in Hong Kong for smuggling heroin.

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  • Jack Collins

    Surely people are responsible enough to be able to safely use drugs? Surely people should have a right to exercise what could be called a “freedom of harmless recreational drug use”? So it could be argud that drug trafficers are actually freedom fighters, if you wanted to use such strong language. The state has no right to be a ‘nanny state’ and treat its citizens like irresponsible toddlers, peple are entitled to use drugs to have aggood time if it doesn’t harm anyone else substancialy. By “harming anyone else” I mean unlike cigarette use where passive smoking is harmful to people around the smoker, or red mitsubishi users, who enjoy an almost certain chance of death, which is costly to the community and to the health system.
    Furthermore, these heroin importers are perhaps protecting people from the fake drugs that are rattled off in an unregulated and uncontrolled black market, where the only regulator is consumer satisfaction, and bad suppliers can just move to another street corner. The stuff sold as ‘heroin’ normally has many other things added to it, other than the expensive pure opiod of heroin, inclding insecticides, rat pellets, sugar and flour. Hopefully the latter 2, the first 2 often as not.
    This is the result of blanket banning. If the state were just to put ontrolls on recreational drugs, then impurities could not be added to it, effects better understood and limits put on how much could be bought. But instead there is a dangerously out of control black market that cannot be stopped, no matter how much the state tries to stop it.
    No, these traffickers should not die for exercising a right, no they should not die for defying laws put in place by a state controlled by the faceless and thoughltess far-right.
    Down with the Nanny State!

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