4 April 2006

Stories from 4 April 2006

El Salvador: McDonald's in El Salvador

  4 April 2006

Tim Muth documents a December court judgement which rewarded a McDonald's franchisee $24 million in damages from the “Golden Arches,” noting that “some will view it as a sign that El Salvador's legal system is not ready to protect the rights of foreign investors. Others will view it as a...

Chilean Inexplicable Traditions

  4 April 2006

Photo by nstark This is your first day in university. You feel all the expectations in your skin. You feel proud of your self because you passed the national test, which gives you the necessary points you need to apply for university. Everything is new: faces, places, conversations, smells, and...

Guatemala: April Fool's Day

  4 April 2006

Oscar Mota notes that April first (ES) is April Fool's Day in much of the world, unlike Latin America where “Día de los Inocentes” falls on December 28th. Several fictitious stories were mistakenly submitted to the Digg-like Spanish aggregator, Menéame.

Argentina, Cuba, Peru: China and Latin America

  4 April 2006

Boz criticizes the special coverage by the BBC, arguing that they are “falling into the usual memes about Latin America,” including a biased view of Latin Americans’ reactions to increasing Chinese influence. Investment Opportunities in Argentina believes that China will soon invest heavily in Argentina. Georgina, writing from Havana, says...

Cuba, USA: Plans to Assist

  4 April 2006

At Perspectivas en Movimiento, Marie-Dominique Bertuccioli (es) counters the United States’ “Plan to Assist a free Cuba” with her own “Plan to Assist with Democratic Transition”. Among her proposals to the US: “Free healthcare for all children so as to reduce infant mortality to the level of Cuba” and “Evacuation...

Grenada: Nutmeg

  4 April 2006

“Not much gets prepared in our kitchen without a bit of nutmeg being added,” writes Francine over at The Pan Collective in a post which celebrates the versatility of Grenada's signature crop while lamenting its devastation by Hurricane Ivan in 2004.

Ukraine: Fundraising For Project Empty Orphanage

Cristin of AmericanExpat, a blog on Ukrainian adoptions, is fundraising for Project Empty Orphanage: “Currently there are approximately 125,000 children in Ukrainian orphanages. Many of these kids are “stuck” there because of inaccurate or missing paperwork. This project was designed to help kids’ paperwork problems that stand between them and...

Ukraine: Coalition Choices

Dan McMinn of Orange Ukraine examines coalition choices for the blocs and parties, which – according to the still preliminary results – have made it into Ukraine's parliament: “Politicians Fighting So Voters Don't Have To […] Politicians are going to have to swallow their disgust and make necessary but odious...

Ukraine: Hugo Chavez Knows About Orange Revolution

A.M. Mora y Leon at Publius Pundit writes about Hugo Chavez’ remark on the Ukrainian Orange Revolution of 2004: Venezuelan president has called it a “pink revolution” done by the “gringos” and said he expected his rivals to use a similar strategy in the December presidential election.

Trinidad & Tobago: Early Minshall costume

  4 April 2006

At the Caribbean Beat weblog, Nicholas Laughlin posts an image and short commentary on an early — “pre-canonical” — costume by renowned Trinidadian Carnival designer Peter Minshall.

China: Falun Gong

  4 April 2006

Friend Gram at Holidarity links to a recent Reuters story which takes a look at the Singapore-based publication Epoch Times’ claim of the existence of a Falun Gong “concentration camp” in northern China. “Epoch Times,” says Gram, “is deeply Falun Gong, and is committed to the belief that the Chinese...