Grenada, Jamaica: Passa Passa

Yamfoot, a Jamaican living in Grenada, comments on the “passa passa” dances which have made their way from Jamaica to Grenada and which apparently involve lewd behavior on the part of young women. “Well, this didn't sit quite well with the government,” writes Yamfoot. “The Minister of Education came out and spoke against it, so did another minister. Then hear this….they say they are going to call these young women in to let them know there are alternative ways of self expression. . . . Now of course, in Jamaica, you think any Minister of Education could say they going to talk to ‘dancehall queen’ types????”


  • victor regis

    hi iam a grenada living in atlanta georga and i think that passsa passa should not be in grenada because it bring grine to the island

  • Lila

    Passa Passa, should not be in Grenada because there are other things these young adults can do instead of hanging out partying, smoking weed and having the females whine in the street like street hoes. They need to focus on their education and trying to make their community a better place to live and set an example for the upcoming youths, so they can also be productive in their society.

  • […] “Passa passa” events, which are also causing a stir in Grenada, have arrived in Barbados as well, according to Barbados Free Press, who notes that the news has also been picked up by Russian news service Pravda. “We must congratulate the Royal Barbados Police Force for moving against this bit of Jamaican “culture” that is so at odds with acceptable Bajan behaviour and cultural celebrations,” says Barbados Free Press. “Anyone who has seen one of these fetes up close knows of the violence, illegal drugs, gang sex and general mahem associated with ‘Passa Passa’.” […]

  • pauly g

    there are some real haters out there, some of you who rather hear of people killing each other, than people dancing and have fun, passa passa is all about dancing and having fun, so what if some of the dancers want to get wild and show a little underwear, is that a crime? well if it is then, wearing bikini at the beach and spring break partying should be too………….stop hating on the jamaican dancers and musicians and mind your own business

  • Jackie UK

    Dont hate, learn to appreciate. At the end of the day not everyone that goes to passa passa smokes weed, and if these people were wathcing the dvd’s before commenting they would know the facts that there is no such thing as gang sex going on. Jamaicans know how to have fun and people from all over the world come to our country to have fun so i dont see why they should degrade and object to passa passa been in other countries. I go to passa passa and that does not make me uneducated. I have been going to street dances since 1990 and that did not stop me from getting my degrees in LAW. I am a 31 year old Solicitor in the UK and still go to Jamaica and enjoy myself at PASSA PASSA and i am very good at doing the DUTTY WINE.

  • Hello To All,
    And a good morning to Grenada. ( My mother’s country )
    Well I have to disagree with the popular opinion that banning ‘Passa Passa’ will be a productive move in terms of being a deterent to the cause. I believe we have to be very careful when depriving an individual of one of their their basic human rights. It could prove to be a slippery slope, this thing called censorship. My opinion is that if people are breaking the law,within ( or without ) the Passa Passa,there is already law enforcement in place to take care of that. In my opinion, Grenadian Police Officers should do their job, if it’s warranted. If not – shut-up and leave people alone to have their fun. ( legally ) They’re just young people having fun.
    Remember when they would’t show Elvis Presley on TV below the waist ?
    I have just looked at a website with so many warnings for viewing the Passa Passa, and in my opinion, all you’re seeing is a party going on. But to be fair to you, I have seen Passa Passa DVD’s, and they are raunchy, with the girls going to party ” tubeless ” etc. That’s a different story that should be placed in the lap of law enforcement.
    Get the DVD man/woman manufacturer, get the exposer. Don’t get the party. Don’t you agree ??
    PS : Don’t throw out the baby with the bath water.
    I will equate this idea to the fact that they banned the entire
    ” After Carnival Celebrations ” in Manzanilla ( Trinidad ) because a few girls took off their clothes at last years celebrations. Never mind they wern’t arrested !! It’s a ludicrous idea, that speaks to the intelligence of the ” banner “, or the lack their of.
    Note: No feelings were hurt by this E-mail.
    Love you’all Grenada. Keep Good

  • yokitash

    the best dam ding big to JA a wha dem feel like!

  • JK

    Bring Passa Passa To the UK!!

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