3 April 2006

Stories from 3 April 2006

Guyana: Movie review in Creolese

  3 April 2006

Itchy-footed Guyana-gyal reviews an Austrian film — in Creolese, no less: “Man, when I tell you some parts o’ Europe poor, believe me, they raggedy poor. And you should see Croatia after the war. Tragic.”

Trinidad & Tobago: Two rants

  3 April 2006

“It seems to me that rather than trying to use their money to invest in Trinidadian youth, the moneyed elite instead just use it to protect themselves,” writes Club Soda and Salt, responding to the latest cry for more licensed firearms from the Chamber of Commerce. And Francomenz recounts a...

Hungary: Blogging Cop Missing

Henrik of Hungarian Accent reports on a possible case of censorship directed at a blogger – a policeman-blogger. Paul at Further Ramblings of a N.Irish Magyar writes on the sometimes dangerous conditions in which Hungarian bloggers work.

Afghan Whispers: Apostasy

We all heard about Abdul Rahman, the Afghan who converted to Christianity, went to prison, and finally find refuge in Italy. Now let's look what Afghan bloggers say about it: Afghan Lord talks about Abdul Rahman's background. He says: “Abdul Rahman lived for a long time in Pakistan and was...


  3 April 2006

KI Media in Cambodia has an English translation of a news story about an 18-year-old woman who jumped off a bridge in a suicide attempt. Rescued by fishermen, the young woman told the police “she did not want to live because she has no job, no money, and nothing to...

Thailand parliamentary election news

  3 April 2006

Parliamentary elections in Thailand are unique. Bangkok Pundit cites section 74 of the election law that says there is no such thing a a sure win for an unopposed candidate–he must get at least 20% of all eligible votes. Voters who want him to lose can cast a “No” vote...

Living in the karaoke era

  3 April 2006

Karaoke singing is so popular in the Philippines it is almost like a national sport. It's fun if you're doing the singing but Noisy, Noisy Man didn't enjoy it one bit when his neighbors held a karaoke party, with booze, until 3.00 a.m.

No podcasts in Singapore elections?

  3 April 2006

Asiapundit quotes Singapore Ink‘s post based on a Channel News Asia story that political candidates cannot use podcasting in their campaigns. Photos of the candidates, party histories and manifestos are the only permissible forms of political advertising on the internet.

About his father

  3 April 2006

Rambling Librarian knew that his father once played for the Singapore national basketball team. He did not know, nor did he ask for, the details, not being particularly close to his father. Then he had an opportunity to write for Yesterday.Sg, a Singapore heritage group blog, and decided to interview...

China: Corporate art

  3 April 2006

Supernaut hopes to be back in time for Guangzhou-based artist Cao Fei's “What are they doing here” show—sponsored by the Siemens arts program—in which the corporation's employees’ hopes, dreams, anxieties and expectations are visualized through light installations, a studio performance and a video. “In this work,” says the press release,...