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Peru: Anti-gay Comments by Presidential Candidate's Mother

Categories: Latin America, Peru, Elections, LGBTQ+

Andrés Duque, noting the recent changes in the presidential polls, says that Peru's LGBT community is worried about what a Humala victory would mean [1] for them. Humala's mother was recently quotes as saying “I bet you that if you execute two rapists by shooting, there won't be any additional rapes, and by shooting two homosexuals, there wouldn't be so much immorality in the streets.” Duque has translated an Op-Ed piece by openly bisexual Peruvian commentator, Jaime Bayly, which says that Ollanta Humala has long been homophobic. A commenter from Peru's largest LGBT website emphasizes: “What gets to me, is that in the foreign media Humala is portrayed as a ‘leftist’. Well the truth is that there is nothing ‘leftist’ about Humala–he is simply another in a long line of military men who have established autocratic and dictatorial regimes in Peru.”