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The (virtual) life of a regional editor

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Sitting here in virtual space has its disadvantages. Since starting at Global Voices I've been attempting to get to know my new colleagues [1], specifically the regional blogger-editors.

There are potted biographies [2] with lovely pictures [3] which come with a complete archive of their writing [4] attached. All useful information, but it lacks the human touch.

Since we're all often near computers there are other methods of interaction, of course. Instant messaging is possible when time zones mean we're awake at the same hour. E-mails cover the night divide.

Then I discovered from her blog [5] that our south Asia editor, Neha Viswanathan [6] had been invited [7] by blogger Kamla Bhatt [8] to be a guest on her regular podcast The Kamla Bhatt Show [9]. You can listen to, or download, the podcast here [10].

From this I not only heard Neha's voice (and her great laugh), I also gained insight into the work of our regional editors. Kamla hazarded a guess that Neha read about 200 blogs a day but was out by a factor of ten. Yes, that's right, she reads in excess of 2000 blogs, and expects the number to rise. Neha talks about the identity or lack of it across the south Asia blogsphere and how the internet affects Indian identity within and outside the country.

It isn't all about Global Voices Online. There's also discussion about Tsunami blogging, the subsequent growth of blogging in response to emergencies and the use of online social tools.

One thing is clear – even though Neha eventually confessed to spending up to 14 hours a day in front of her computer she doesn't lack a social life. When Kamla called her up she had six instant message chat windows open, a separate conversation in each of them.

Podcast: Kamla Bhatt talks to Neha Viswanathan [10]