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Belarus: March 20 Rally Notes (2)

Categories: Eastern & Central Europe, Belarus, Breaking News, Digital Activism, Elections, Freedom of Speech, Human Rights, Protest

According to LJ user l_u_f_t (RUS), people from the regions are beginning to arrive and five tents [1] have been set up at Oktyabrskaya Sq. already. LJ user samuel-smith writes [2] (RUS) that “there's a ring around the tents. People surround them so that the police couldn't take them away. From time to time, plainclothes officers approach the people and tell them something. […] Cups with hot coffee are being distributed.” He's also posted a picture [3] of the tents. LJ user lipski wrote half an hour ago [4] (RUS) that there were now Georgian flags at the square, in addition to Ukrainian, and that people were coming and going, and there are approximately 5,000-6,000 there now.