Afghan Whispers: Justice, Discrimination & Poor Animals

Afghan Warrior is upset that a former intelligence chief during communist period was condemned but others who have done worse holding responsibilities in government. The blogger says

“It's so sad when the many criminals in high government posts are not being prosecuted – people who destroyed 70% of the capital Kabul and killed more than 70 thousand people just in Kabul from 1992-1996. Every single one of these Jihad commanders was acting as a king in their area. Looting and killing was done on a daily basis. But now some of them are in the current government and parliament and they are not being prosecuted. People are scared to appeal against them but if the government put these criminals in jail and bring them to justice of course thousands of people will be eyewitnesses of their inhuman crimes. It is clear to everyone that all governments have their opponent. Like the Mujahideen were against the communist government which ran the country from 1979-1992. During this time people killed from both sides and it is wrong to stand a former intelligence chief responsible for crimes carried out by others. “

Maykadeh says that animals are really mistreated & even abused sexually in Afghanistan. He writes

“They have to pull those heavy, over-loaded carts while being whipped mercilessly all day, then much like the women, they have to look forward to being screwed by some sexually frustrated guy at night.

Which brings me to another point, if they would cease this the masochistic sexual segregation, then they wouldn’t have to resort to buggering farm animals and little boys (which is so widespread here – how very strange for a Muslim country!)

Now I’m reminded me of a story. A guy working for some organization or another in Uruzgan province came across a Koochi (Pashtun nomads) settlement and they complained that the Americans had come down in helicopters and stolen a camel. Bewildered and somewhat sceptical, he asked why they would do such a thing? Well, according to the Koochis, it was a young and very beautiful camel so the Americans must have kidnapped it for sex. True story.”


  • learner

    Thanks fore the Report

  • ahmad

    every one knows about the hatefullness of Suhrab kabuli.

  • THE Afghan war had a devasting effect on the life pattern of the Koochis tribe,their is a dire need to preserve the life pattern of this distinct tribal group.

  • I would like to add that the Khoochis have played a pivotal role in the afghan war and rendered numerous and memorious sacrifices in this regard.It is pertinent to mention that ex-communist president Dr Najibullah also belonged to the Khoochi tribe.
    Infact the Koochis are true Pushtun tribe and adhere to the tribal code in letter and spirit,but the need of the hour is to preserve the life patttern of them,otherwise i fear that the ubabated civil conflict may greatly undermine their life patteren and impelled them to resort to sedantary life a dreadful seanario for them as well as for the anthropologists.

  • Afghans have a fundamental problem and arab religion has created problems for them. they are little better than anumals and pakis are even lower than them.
    Lowlifes, all

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