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Syria: In Baath … who trusts?

Categories: Middle East & North Africa, Syria, Governance, Human Rights

Rime Allaf says: “Apparently, the Syrian people do not need human rights [1] (even though this was an approved EU initiative). They do not need freedom of expression [2] either (but such treatment and intimidation of journalists is old news). Apparently, what Syrians really, desperately need (and the entire Arab world with them) is Arabism [3]. More Arabism. True Arabism. New and improved Arabism. That will solve all their problems. Jealous of the Islamists who have a ready answer to everything (“it's all in the Holy Quran”), the Baathists (not even pretending anymore that “reform” is on the way) are now saying the answers are all in Arabism. Get it [4]?”