9 March 2006

Stories from 9 March 2006

El Salvador: Elections on Sunday

  9 March 2006

Tim Muth has asked five Salvadoran bloggers for their predictions on this Sunday's elections. Their answers were almost unanimous. U.S. – El Salvador Sister Cities has a good description of a building movement against the Central American free trade agreement.

Trinidad & Tobago: ICANN wiki

  9 March 2006

ICANN committee member Jacqueline Morris links to a wiki set up to strengthen “Civil Rights and Consumer Protection in ICANN’s policies.” And Taran Rampersad writes to the WSIS governance list with his views on development.

Bahamas: Why no treasure report?

  9 March 2006

Larry Smith attributes the absence of reports about the cache of treasure rumoured to have been found in San Salvador (Bahamas) from the mainstream media to laziness and dependency on press releases.

Caribbean: Sci-fi interview

  9 March 2006

Grenada-born sci-fi writer Tobias Buckell links to an interview in which he talks about his first novel. Among the issues he addresses are the representation of Caribbean voices and researching Aztec culture.

Jamaica: Four charged with Harvey murder

  9 March 2006

Andrés Duque links to a Jamaica Observer report which states that three men and a woman have been formally charged in relation to the murder of Jamaican AIDS Support staffer Lenford “Steve” Harvey.

Southeast Asia, Philippines: Adequacy of Democracy

  9 March 2006

An underthought article in the Guardian decrying the lack of democracy in Southeast Asia angers Eevil Midget, a Filipina in London, who responds: “democracy is a farce anyway! as if the Western world is that much better.” Torn and Frayed in Manila shares his own thoughts on the piece.

Singapore: Office Space

  9 March 2006

Singapore's Tinker, Tailor explains the difference between working in a low office cubicle and working in a high one.

Vietnam: Fate of an Expatriate

  9 March 2006

Our Man in Hanoi worries that he'll end up like many Westerners in Asia: “Am I destined to be the movie ex-pat villain, stuffing my face, sweating profusely and shouting at a befuddled waiter to be quicker with the drinks? I hope not. But you can see it happening over...

A plea against the 26 province parcelling of the DRC

  9 March 2006

At UDPS Liege [blog of the Liege, Belgium chapter of a DRC opposition party] blogger Kayembe Tshipamba Jean P. opposes (FR) the parceling of the DRC in 26 provinces, deplores interim President Joseph Kabila's blaming of the continent's problems on the West, invites the DRC to cooperate with Belgium in...

  9 March 2006

Stunner finds that there's a price to be paid for being light-skinned in Jamaica.

Ukraine: Taras Shevchenko's Birthday 5 Years Ago

March 9 is the 192nd anniversary of the birth of Taras Shevchenko, Ukraine's national poet. Two translations of his best-known poem, The Testament, are posted at Orange Revolution. Peter Byrne at Abdymok recalls this day five years ago, when opponents of Leonid Kuchma's regime clashed with the police – first...

Japan: Volunteer firemen

  9 March 2006

Miyakonojo gives a heart-warming (and lung-burning) account of his debut at the volunteer fire department in a small town in southern Japan, where visits to Filipina hostess bars punctuate the sameness of fishing and pachinko.

The Balkans: The ICJ Genocide Trial (1-3)

Eric Gordy of East Ethnia tackles a number of issues inherent in the dispute between Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia and Montenegro, which is currently being heard by the International Court of Justice. The first three parts posted so far highlight these questions: 1. Did genocide occur? 2. Was there a policy?...

Ukraine: Jackson-Vanik Amendment Scrapped

Dan McMinn of Orange Ukraine reports that Ukraine is finally going to have “normal trade relations status with the United States,” after the House of Representatives passed legislation yesterday “to graduate Ukraine from the Jackson-Vanik Amendment.”