7 March 2006

Stories from 7 March 2006

The Burning of Diego Portales

  7 March 2006

No, Diego Portales is not living person. This Chilean building has a lot of historic memory in it walls. Since democracy arrived in our lives, in 1998, this building had been used as the central base for counting votes and for announcing the official results of the vote. A branch...

Argentina: The Big Apple and Buenos Aires

  7 March 2006

Just one more example of “the invasion of New York City media by all things Buenos Aires” says Ian of the marriage between Buenos Aires-based freelancer, Brian Byrnes (rss) and Argentine Chicago Tribune office manager, Maria Macarena Di Dio. Dan Perlman asks, “Argentina hits The Big Apple?” after reading a...

Estonia: Report on Human Rights in Estonia

Giustino at Itching for Eestimaa comments on the Council of Europe's report on Estonia, which criticizes the country's treatment of minorities and neglect for the history of the Holocaust. Estonia does not deserve being accused of the latter, according to Giustino.

Women's Day & Solidarity

Iranian women and bloggers are organizing conferences for Women’s day. Zannevesht (Persian), an Iran based blogger & journalist, informs us that at 8th of March a conference will be organized in social sciences faculty in university of Tehran. Main topic will be violence against women. Cafe 84 (Persian), an Iran...

Oman: The Singles Club

Ali Mehdi from Sleepless in Muscat blog talks about an alarming trend in the Omani community. As according to a recent census that was achieved back in 2003, there are now 3 Omani women to every 1 Omani man in the country. Find out the reasons.

Iraq: Muslims against terrorism?

Ali of Free Iraqi blog commenting on the picture he saw of the demonstrations against terrorism in Bahrain. He says: Now there's nothing wrong with She'at demonstrating against insulting their sacred places but we should not fool ourselves and believe that this could mean the start of a wide and...

Palestine: Art, creates dialogue

Sabbah and Laith agrees that even “Paradise Now” didn't win the Oscar, but it won more than the academy award. Laith agrees with the film's director statement that this film would let people talk and discuss the issues that are presented in it. “Art, creates dialogue”.

Bahrain: HAMSA Essay Contest

Mahmood writes to inform us about a new essay contest launched by the American Islamic Congress on civil rights in the Middle East. Anyone under the age of 26 can enter, and finalists can win up to $2,000 in cash prizes

Egypt: I'm not going to be a Journalist

Zeinobia of Egyptian Chronicles had a dream of becoming a journalist. But here family didn't let her join the media college. They refused totally that she be a journalist because her grandfather who worked over 50 years in Journalism in Egypt and Arab World knew very well that It was...

Cuba: Cricket – an antidote to baseball?

  7 March 2006

The Caribbean Beat weblog links to a Daily Telegraph article which discusses efforts to develop the game of cricket in Cuba. According to the article, this initiative is motivated in part by a desire to wean young people off the American game of baseball.