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Pakistan: Blogspot Blogs blocked in Pakistan

Categories: South Asia, Pakistan, Breaking News, Freedom of Speech, Governance, Technology

Over the last two days, blogspot blogs (running on Blogger) [1] seem to be blocked in Pakista [2]n. More bloggers are confirming this as it appears to have been blocked by all ISPs in Pakistan. Shirazi has some ways to bypass the ISPs banning access to Blogspot [3]. Pakistani Abysmal Ramblings writes

It is a Sad day in Pakistan as our esteemed leaders have decided to further infringe on our rights to freedom. It has come to my attention that all ISPs in Pakistan are blocking all blogger blogsites. Previously some sites deemed inapropraite were blocked, but this is utter nonsense, why do a blanket blocking of blogger, are you so scared of people power that you feel a blogsite can be so harmful to you and your power.

KO is hosting a discussion on one of the forums [4]. Metroblogging Lahore has links to some proxy sites that allow access [5] and states that one of the ISPs still allows access to Blogspot. It is unclear why Blogspot Blogs have been singled out or blocked. A large number of Pakistani bloggers blog on Blogspot blogs. It's a possibility that the recent Danish cartoons controversy may have contributed to this decision by the Pakistan Government. However, the Pakistani Government doesn't seem to have made any official announcement on this issue as there is no Mainstream Media report on this.

Meanwhile some of the ways you can access blogspot blogs if you are in Pakistan are to go to this site [6] which allows direct access to blogger even if your ISP blocks it, or use an open proxy like this [7]. Access to Blogger even if your ISP blocks it through this link (http://www.blogger.com.nyud.net:8090 [6]) works because of the Coral Content Distribution Network [8].