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Wow, another week come and gone so quickly…I guess we better get to business then.

A sad week for the Kurdistan Bloggers Union as they call for an official hiatus from their group work for their individual projects [1]. However, not all group blogs are slowing. Roj Bash! has recently started a campaign in support of Marywan Halabjayi, a Kurdish writer [2] who has published a book critisizing women’s status in traditional Islam: “Sex, Sharia, Women in the History of Islam”.

Several Kurdish bloggers have written about a new blog by Michael Totten [3] who has been working in Northern Iraq/Southern Kurdistan including the Is-Ought Problem [4], From Holland to Kurdistan [5], Talk About the Passion [6]and Hiwa Hopes [7]. Hiwa writes this week about the role the Iranian Kurds will play if a conflict between the US and Iran occurs [8] and complains about the ineffectiveness of “professional” Kurdish translation services [9].

Blogger Vladimir From Holland to Kurdistan was interviewed this week by RojTv about his work promoting Kurdish causes [10]. (RojTV [11] also has a blog if you would like to know more about them and their work.) Vladimir's interview has created quite an interest in not only Dutch media but Kurdish media outlets as well [12]. The instances around the “Save Roj TV” campaign are quite varied but this week they have put up a wonderful primer on the work that has been done so far [13].

On another note: Talk About the Passion has plenty of stories [14] this week about his work in Northern Iraq/Southern Kurdistan including a snow day [15] and a final (maybe) showdown with the rats [14] in his apartment.