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KenyanSphere this week

Categories: Sub-Saharan Africa, Kenya

Bankelele [1] is moving house [2], and is finding it more time consuming and frustrating than he had thought — the ranks of real estate agents are stuffed with crooks and conmen

The number of con people out there also is troubling. I have seen houses, which I later found out, were not available for rent, or which the owner was unknown, or out of the country

Keguro [3] has an interesting take on muscled toned bodies [4] … is there really a difference between one achieved through manual labour and one from several visits to the gym?

The Mad Kenyan Woman [5] reflects on age as a fetish in Kenyan politics [6], where the older politicians are accorded almost god-like status on account of their age, and are therefore seldom questioned. She then goes on to indicate why this is beginning to unravel

According to most senior officials in Kenyan government, in this administration or any other, anybody under fifty is a mere “kijana.” (Kijana is a young boy or girl in Kiswahili)

Charles at Kenya Beyond 2005 [7] analyses the recent resignations [8] of Kenya’s Finance, Energy and Education Ministers, and asks what next.

In the crackdown yesterday on the vendors [9] (free subscription) and proprietors of a weekly daily over allegations that some of its content inappropriately touched on the President and First Family, the Kenyan Analyst [10] takes the Government Spokesman to task [11].

In recollection of  all the allegations and denials from State House over the president having two wives [12], he observes:

The moment Kibaki turned his family woes into a national issue he invited journalists to not only write about his personal life but also speculate about it in the days that have followed.

Mama JunkYard [13] remembers Lynden David Hall [14]

Mshari [15] is urging everyone to eschew unpaid overtime and work their proper hours [16]

Adrian [17] shares pictures of his Safari Walk [18]

Rombo [19] questions the ideal of the beautiful woman [20]