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Pakistan: Blog-o-tracking

Categories: South Asia, Pakistan, Citizen Media

It is bad enough having my blog routinely reviewed by dot gov and dot mil domains but now I think I am also being followed by some rather unsavory net characters while cruising the internet highway searching for interesting blog posts for GV. I have to publicly declare here, that my critique is not specifically targeting the Bush Administration, as I am an equal opportunity satirist and consider any government fair game but I have to admit that residents of 1600 Pennsylvania provide the most material for banter, burlesque, caricature, causticity, chaffing, irony, lampoonery, mockery, parody, pasquinade, persiflage, play on, put-on, raillery, sarcasm, send-up, skit, spoof, squib, takeoff, travesty, and wit.

As this post is being monitored by suspicious GPS satellites, I shall quickly present my selection of this week's Pakistani blog posts.

Suspect Paki writes a rather eloquent commentary on Evil Ideology [1]; Glasshouse comments on the continuing cartoon protests [2]; Me Here also rants about the protests turning into riots [3]; Organic Brew also takes a stab at the unrelenting protests [4]; Fountainhead explains the state of the earth [5]; and finally, I lighten things up with my Oscar preview [6].

Well, I better be off, as I am still being watched. I shall return next week, disguised as a hunter who shoots millionaire lawyers for sport.