The Danish cartoons dominate the Moroccan blogs

As predictable, the Moroccan blogosphere reacted last week to the drawings of the Prophet Mohammad (PBUH), and while some bloggers condemned the Danish cartoonist , others found the reactions in some Muslim countries over exagerated.

Calm heads are needed

Samir author of the very elegant The view from Fez regrets the way this entire sorry mess has spiraled out of control.

The scenes of embassy burnings and calls for beheadings are playing right into the hands of the Islamophobes who want to create as much friction from the situation as possible. At the moment the Islamaphobes have gathered a lot of support from the Islamic reaction. Calm heads are needed. Dialogue and connection are what is needed now, not more provocation.

Samir also posted about some of his reader's reactions to the cartoons earlier last week.

Bsima, the doctor who blogs screams her indignation against the all those who burned and destroyed to show their disapproval of the cartoons (French).

I'm having enough to be associated to all this violence..Islam is a religion of peace, forgiveness ..

Geronimo is not only disgusted (French) by the burning of the Danish embassies in Lebanon and Syria but also by the boycott of the Danish products.He finds this reaction ridiculous.

It seems that some religious decided that eating a Danish product is a sin..Come on !!

Sow wind, reap a storm..

Soumiaz states that she cannot disagree with The Muslim community talking about cheap provocation, nor can she disapprove the rest of the world calling it democracy. She ‘s however ashamed for being a human being.

Oh! I don’t know if any of you sees what I am seeing, they draw the lines and we blind as we are, we do the work for them. They say we are fanatics and we deliver, by cutting people throats on air.

Medlykos author of Peace & Love On The World Wide Weblogsphere! (French) posts that if the Danishs think they have the right to express whathever they want , they also have to realise that they cannot dictate how some people may react when they feel humiliated by the Danish freedom of speech. The title of Medlykos'post is Sow wind, reap a storm.

Slix posts some comments following the reactions to the cartoons and he regrets how the blindness of the heart can lead to such extremism from both partis (French).

Amazigh expresses his rage when he first saw the cartoons wich he considers as a war declared against the Islamic world (French).

I beg Muslims all over the world not to give the Occident the occasion to see us as terrorists . Let our governments and associations handle this problem .

Too late Amazigh!!

Coup de coeur

The view from Fez is a must-visit blog with a welcoming design wich helps you have a taste of the well known Moroccan hospitality. I visit this blog on a daily basis, not only for its daily updated posts but also for the homey pictures i can enjoy there and remind myself of how beautiful is Morocco!

That's it for this week. See you next Wednesday, Inshallah ;)


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  • Et toi Foulla? Je n’ai pas encore pu lire tes réactions… Indignée, outrée, la violence ne règlera jamais nos problèmes, si les musulmans veulent s’imposer dans un monde ôù la loi du plus fort règne, faut jouer a un jeu plus subtile que le leur, renforcer nos points faibles et surtout faire travailler ce cerveau dont DIEU nous a doté, car là ce sont des réactions primaires dont on use et abuse…

  • You know, until now I didn’t know that the Danish had a sense of humor (or that it was so easy to make bad jokes there).

    Personally, I think that the Danish need to say, “Oh. Well, we didn’t mean it that way and we’re sorry.” which they already did, I think, and what’s more – the Muslim world needs to hear it. Which also means that the Muslim world needs to listen – and in my sphere of the world, every Muslim I know has been pretty lucid about the whole thing. They don’t like the cartoons and they don’t like the violence – but the media seems to only want to give them two choices.

    What I would like the media to cover would be the Muslims that aren’t breaking stuff. I mean… there are probably people in some parts of the world saying…

    “Hey, what are we going to do today?”
    “I know, I know – if we break some things and scream loud, we can show up on CNN and watch ourselves! We’ll be famous!”
    “nah… I want to see if Nadine can sneak past her father instead.”
    “Bring her along! Tell her father we’re going to protest the cartoons, she’ll be let out!”
    “Yeah, but then her father might come. You know how he is…”
    “Oh. Right. We’ll need a diversion….”
    “A diversion?…”
    “We’ll just blow a car up or something….”

    I don’t really think that they say anything like the above. It’s sort of the Monty Pythonish.

    Now, that’s a bit facetious (and I apologize to anyone named Nadine, anyone trying to sneak anyone named Nadine out, and the parents and extended family of anyone named Nadine) – but the point here is that the snarling faces on television aren’t… well, they aren’t being portrayed as people, and part of that is their fault – and another part of that is the media’s fault. These are, at the end of the day, our fellow human beings who laugh, smile, joke, want to procreate, like a nice meal and have a very interesting culture. They want their family to be safe, they want to grow old and watch their children grow old, they want to practice their religion…

    It’s what the camera and reporter misses most of the time that solves issues. That’s where citizen journalists come in, but… you know… we miss things too. Still, it seems strange that the media is playing the violence for about 30 minutes and the people telling everyone else to go home get 2 minutes. Shouldn’t it be the opposite?

    Ahh, I don’t know. What I do know is that it’s all stupid, blown out of proportion, and being taken advantage of by the fringe elements of every culture on the planet.

    I wish the World Cup would hurry up.

  • Farah,
    Je suis convaincu, peut être même “con et vaincu” que le dépassement de la liberté d’expression “qui se doit de respecter les croyances d’autrui” est une provocation voulue, et que nous sommes tombés en plein dans le panneau.
    Je m’étends un peu là dessus dans mon billet de ce matin.
    Maintenant, les musulmans, dans leur réactions doivent agir avrc doigté et finesse. Le fait que x hait y et que z accuse w de tenter de le déstabiliser est loin de nous servir. La haine des arabes les uns envers les autres est savamment entretenue par les dirigeants et les extrémistes. Elle ne nous entrainera que vers notre perte.
    Seuls, les peuples, savamment conditionnés par les médias paieront les pots cassés.

  • JTH

    Put the same turbine on the head of President Bush and over half of the world would think it actually funny. Get a sense of humor folks!

  • mariam

    this so outrageous
    l mean for years l had this impression , this idea that the purity and perfection an only be taken gracefully and being well respected , but now..everything good seems to be blown away.
    the fact is , they never knew him , they never met him , they were born and still he didn’t exist when they came to the world , that man , that glorious man , that perfect man , the father of his generation and so the generation after his , he isn’t just like ” he means to us a lot” he means everything to us , he’s like this ongoing passion giver this all time present guider in our lives , this amazingly talented human in giving away everything from the bottom of his heart , no one can be as merciful as he was , no one can be as present in our minds and souls as he has always been and always will be .So there is one thing l could say . even the people who never knew him and even long after his death they were so affected and touched by his unlimited ability to forgive the others , if you only knew how much he loved us even before we existed and.. once you know him , believe me everything will change .
    who talks about women rights when he were the one to tell men to love their wives , their mothers and daughters and all women as equal creatures and living human beings who need men as much as men need them . l confess l may not be someone who really knows him very well , l may not do some things he told us to do but l do know one thing : that he is the most incredible man the world has ever known .
    peace be upon him .

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