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KenyanSphere This Week

Categories: Sub-Saharan Africa, Kenya

Over the last few weeks Kenyans have been spoilt for choice when it comes to topics to discuss.

First off there was the bombshell dropped by John Githongo [1], the anti-graft czar who fled to London for his safety after getting too close to the truth. He finally released the painstakingly crafted dossier that implicated three ministers in the Kibaki Government and the vice president in corrupt dealings with ghost companies that cost the public billions of shillings. Naturally this report is the talk of the town and is flying around the Internet like wildfire.

Then there was the collapse of the half -finished building at Nyamakima market [2]

Whispering Inn [3] points out that the blame can be laid at the Minister for Local Government and his former assistant minister, since a report detailing the failures had been at their disposal for almost a year, and the owner of the building enjoyed their patronage [4].

Irena [5] bemoans the inability of the Kenyan Government to react to disasters as the Israelis fly in to aid the rescue efforts [6] as the Kenyan officials on the ground are clearly floundering

Then there was the generous donation of dog food from a kindly benefactor [7] in New Zealand

Whispering Inn [3] is of the opinion that it belies a Government that has failed [8] in its responsibilities.

Mshairi [9]voices her opinion in poetry [10], with an emphatic no to the donation of the dog food.

The Kenyan Pundit ruminates on moving back home [11], with some hard hitting advice:

In my experience, you first have to commit to the idea of going back. Like really commit. No ten year plans. No once I make this much money. Cut the crap. Wake up and say I’m moving back. Then make a plan. Then a plan B and C. You’ll need them

The Mad Kenyan Woman [12] has some interesting commentary on the myth that is the Strong Black Woman [13]

Raymond [14] lands back in Kenya and is dismayed at the state of the infrastructure [15], notably the Nakuru-Nairobi road, and urges the youth to step up to the plate of leadership

Brother Jero [16] pays tribute to Coretta Scott King [17]

Curious [18] is tired of the proliferation of rhetoric masquerading as initiatives to aid Africa and stumbles upon a paper by a kindred spirit [19]