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South Korea: Blogs vs. “Gleebs”

Categories: East Asia, South Korea

Being Korean calls blogs “gleebs” and rants about how so few of them are meaningful [1]: “there are far too few gleeb sites that are actually intelligently-written. there are far too few gleebs that are written without the author's taking him- or herself too seriously. there are far too few gleebs that have taken time not to bore people to death. there are far too few gleebs that have been designed with an expressed intent of helping people the world over from conquering poverty, hunger, abuse, repression, oppression, recession, and obsession. there are far two few gleebs designed to incite revolutions against imperial aggressors intent on overtaking all of civilisation in the name of oil, capitalism, democracy, fascism, xenophobia, religion, creaky ideology, or sinister psychology. far too few gleebs are actually funny.