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South Asia: Listening to the Blogs

Categories: South Asia, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka

Downloading music from the Internet, a new blogging platform and a model-turned entrepreneur helping the local artisans and weavers are some of the topics that bloggers of Bangladesh are writing about.
Salam Dhaka [1]has some pointers on where to look for Bangla music on the Internet. Adda [2]writes about the winds of change in South Asia, and Bangladesh in particular. He writes about a Norwegian company's introduction of a blogging platfrom in his country. Razib [3]has an interesting story about Bibi Russel, a Bangladeshi model turned designer, who works with local artisans and weavers of Bangladesh.

Read [4]about the largest book in the world. Bhutan is fast becoming a hot travel destination and here is Aaron's [5]description of Bhutan, while Amelopsis [6]has beautiful visuals of this land-locked country tucked away in the Himalayas.

Should it, or should it not…Bangalore or Bengaluru? This South Indian city famously known as “Silicon Valley of India,” may get a new name and that has become an interesting source of debate among Indian bloggers around the world. Amardeep [7]has a nice round-up about on this hot topic button.
Food is big in South Asia and here are some interesting pictures and blogs from India. A picture speaks louder than words, and here are some mouth-watering image of Gujrati food [8], while MyDhaba [9]talks about fixing fish the India way. Read why Supersaps [10]feels that all Indian food does not taste the same.

Nepal and cricket, somehow those two words don't go together when you think of this Himalayan state. Guess what Nepal has a cricket team. Uzwal [11] has a post about it. Oliver [12]writes about the current political situation in Nepal.

If you needed a visual and update on what is the latest mobile PDA making the rounds in Pakistan read Go2Net [13]posting. Saj Shirazi [14]has a fascinating travelogue about Chillas, a small town nestled in Northern Pakistan, which was one an important post for travellers, including Marco Polo. Fiona [15]has a visual and an account of the famous Khyber Pass. Ramla [16]of Karachi Metroblogging has a Google Video link about Karachi, and this slide show comes complete with music and some of you will recognize the Pakistani singer Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan singing.

Relief for Sri Lanka [17]highlights 11-year old Rebecca's contribution to the Read Write Sri Lanka Project. Phil Bogle [18]shares some wonderful pictures of Sri Lanka.