Football and media's trial in the Moroccan blogs

January 12th is Yennayer, the Amazigh New Year . So I'll start by wishing Amazighs all around the world a happy Yenayer 2956!

Last week was a sportive one in the Moroccan blogs. And most of the bloggers encouraged the Moroccan football team playing in the African Cup of Nations 2006, while others decided not to believe in any miraculous victory of the Atlas lions.

Football bloggers

Hicham doesn't like football , so he really doesn't care about the ACN 2006. He posts about it anyways , only to say that he'd rather go visit the 38 international book fair held Cairo than watch 22 men running after a ball!!(French)

Slixov refuses to talk about football, he's having enough of reading all the posts about the ACN2006.
However, he says that he'll wake up early, very early, (French) to watch the decisive game (Morocco/Egypt)..

In a very nice post with lots of suspense, Chighaf wishes that the Moroccan team will help her forget, at least during the month of the ACN 2006, how corrupted Morocco became(French) and how sad it is to see its youth burning themselves to get jobs.

Casaoui wants to believe in the Moroccan team .He says that the football is not a simple sport (French)for Moroccans.

The football is one of the few things that can make us proud at the international level, we are lucky to have such players wich help us forget the sad reality of our life.

Casaoui realises that the challenge is not easy for the Moroccan team but his heart was 100 per cent in Cairo , praying for a miracle to happen.

Morocco's journalists under scrutiny

Sahar critics the way Moroccan journalists are “doing their job”. She asks them not to misuse their right to expresse themselves(French) and to try their best to give their audience as much information as possible.

Journalists, please listen to the citizen you are, for you to be able to give your readers the information they really need to know.

Lily posts about how deceived she is from the role the media is playing. she says that it only causes the proliferation of bad habits!(French).

Thanks to the media, freedom became the word I hate the most!!

Crucivore asks a journalist to better investigate (French) before questioning the utility of the number lunched by Yasmina Baddou, the Moroccan Secretary of State in charge of Social Development, Family and Solidarity, to answer the calls of assaulted women(French).

Hail Edward Said and Martin Luther King!

Jawad author of the blog In Defense of Human Dignity pays tribute to Martin luther king , the Man who had a dream.

I will wake up on Sunday a better man because your words continue to heal my soul from the trials of time and the ills of my fellow man. You taught me not to satisfy my thirst for freedom and justice “by drinking from the cup of bitterness and hatred”. When adversity knocks me down, I hear you say that “unarmed truth and unconditional love shall have the final word”. So, I rise again.

Karim reports in his blog an article published in Al Hayat(Arabic) about Edward Said, who has been illegally monitored by the FBI for over thirty years.

It seems like anyone in this country who dares to speak out for the legitimate rights of the palestinian people will end up on some kind of “black list”. Freedom of thought? Tell me about it!

coup de coeur

Hicham Benbrahim is a dentist who blogs. And the good thing about his posts is that they always have an information that can help the reader learn more about how to keep his teeth healthy. The latest post is about solutions (French) Hicham gives for the patient not to pay too much anytime he has to see a dentist.

Loula doesnt escape from her reality anymore. She's free, and her posts are to consume with moderation for they are simply addicting. In a very simple yet elegant way, Loula writes about her life in Canada, in a small town she calls “Khmiss Batata”.
Loula also reacts in her blog “Les carnets de Loula” (mostly French) about political events and sometimes about Moroccan news.

That's it for this week. See you next Wednesday, Inshallah;)


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