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This Week in Palestinian Blogs: Here's Tomorrow

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News of the blogosphere…

It's Laila el-Haddad‘s birthday! She spent a day full of [1] surprises [2] with her son Yousuf.

Sabbah [3] is one of the finalists on Bloggies [4] 2005 Weblog Awards.

Promises of Arabesque Rhapsody [5] has suggested JordanPlanet [6]‘s citizens form their own Book Club [7].
She's come up with another idea too, lets not buy the cockroaches shoes! [8]

What we talk about…

On the elections

Laila el-Haddad of Raising Yousuf [9] is reporting from Gaza [10] on the approaching legislative Palestinian elections, in a series of posts [11] for Guardian Unlimited [12], Laila described the situation in Gaza last week by being unusually quite [13].

This week, Laila said posters enveloped Gaza City as everyone has become a national hero while some marched down the streets shouting: “Thieves, thieves, you're all thieves” in reference to the ruling party.” [14]Laila gave Fatah [15] (Arabic) party a call [16] to find some answers.

Three days ago, Laila updated saying that the situation is getting heated [17] between Hamas and Fatah. She further talked about the recent bombing [18] in Tel Aviv and its effect on the elections. She has estimated Hamas [19] audience with no less than 50,000 whilst Fatah (Arabic) [15] enjoyed only 20,000 Gazzan in the northern district.

While the 7,000 Palestinian prsioners forms a major group of interest to the different political parties, refugees [20] who make up nearly two thirds of Gaza are being neglected, waiting for their 58-year-old problem [21] to be solved and those who have rotten in camps outside of Israel can not vote. Laila‘s husband for instance, can not vote either because he holds a refugee permit. Palestinians with refugee permits are not allowed to enter Palestine in the first place.

On elections too, Daoud Kuttab [22] wrote a very informative post [23] describing the situation in Palestine.

Everything else

From umkahlil [24], Multi-millionaire owner of a chain of hair salons and founder of “Friends of the Israel Defense Forces” have raised 4 million dollars till the day to benefit the “IDF” (Isreali military forces). By the way, Israel's prime minister bureau chief Dov Weisglass plans to ask the US for a 10 billion dollars aid [25].

umkahlil has something to say to Zionists both the religious and secular of them [26], and tells the story of young beautiful Fatima who struggled with chemotherapy under occupation [27].

FADI [28] blogger of KABOBfest [29] sent a letter [30] to Georgetown student newspaper the Hoya in response to the fabrications and lies of Bill Levinson [31] in regard of the ISM [32] and PSM being the same organization, claiming that the PSM [33] is advocating violence and terrorism. FADI added that Levinson had previously written that “Israel should expel the two-legged locusts and annex all the occupied territory. To hell with these vermin.”

From KABOBfest aslo, an article about the economical boycott of Israel [34] which has and continues to spread in Europe despite of the pressure and threats [35] activists are getting from the United States administration and the possibility of being tried in the UK just like these protesters [36].

The little things that matter…

Here's Tomorrow [37] is part one of a continuing documentary project which focuses on the issue of the Palestinian refugees living in the largest refugee camp in Jordan: Baqa’a Refugee Camp [38]. The documentary is an introductory film which shows the life, hopes and views of those who fleed to Jordan in 1967 (the year of Naksa [39]).

Abu Assad [40] and Abu Sitta [41], two men with so much pain resorted to beauty [42] in fighting the beast.

Last week Haitham Sabbah started a pledge [43] to request some blog services add Palestine to their country list [44]. Two blog services have responded positively until the day. [45]

From KABOBfest [46], some cool PFLP (Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine) [47] T-shirt are available here [48], get yours now.