Nigeria: same sex marriage outlawed

Musings of a Naijman comments on the passing of a bill outlawing same sex marriage in Nigeria…”He caps it by reiterating that oft repeated triteness espoused by such eminences as the venerable Mugabe that homosexuality is “unAfrican”


  • For the past weeks, I have being engrossed in reading the sex same marriage cognizance: if I may use the word and I am triggered to post something about it. I have just realized what our government meant when they said they are putting a ban on same sex marriage.

    They want to come to the rules, held by the Old Testament and I have the belief that it is not going to be a Herculean task, for homosexuals to be prosecuted. It sounds good and mesmerizing…hmm…our people are biting more than they can chew by challenging the people that once dealt with a king in the Greek history.

    I am not solidly on anyone’s side, but the breaching of this law, by what I am going to show you will marvel you. There is no candidly mind in this affair. This is what started before our leaders’ ancestors came into the world and I believe that it will never stop, no matter the kind of stone thrown at a caught-victim.

    When the homosezal, as one illiterate called it, is thrown into a jail, which is the most cuddling place for him to practice it, he will now realize that he is staying with men, and that he can probably achieve his sexual-ambition in there, then you see the worst taking place.

    I only want to highlight an issue here that needs to be treated. Let us not forget that there are bestiality in the country, and mostly in the North, where they puke their dick into the anus of a cow…but then, the leaders will not look into that, which is the most atrocious thing…I know why…they don’t know the meaning of bestiality.

    It will be good to put a ban on same sex marriage, because it is not appropriate for a man to marry a man, but then, let us think where it generated. Is it from Sodom? Sodomy. Gomorrah? Bi-sexual. These are what to put into consideration and then single-sex schools, where they sprout out like okra. This homosexuality is also among animals, so I begin to wonder how animals will serve jail terms. INCREDIBLE! I have seen a goat fucking a goat with my korokoro eyes.

    Prayers have no solution to it. Stones have no solution to it. No mother will bring out her child. Period. Find another solution or ask God, if this is End Time. He can now send fire to consume the world…

    And we shall also put a ban on masturbation, which people do in their houses. Why won’t we be sensible by calling a spade a spade? Who will come out when there is a ban on homosexuality in this cosmopolitan country that claims that homosexuality is un-Nigerian and have sex in the road? No way. I think bestiality is not un-Nigerian, nay un-African.

  • Many people believe this to be a human rights issue ie the right for consenting adults to have sex with whom they like and the right to support and campaign for the rights of gays and lesbians. We might as well just come out and say Nigeria is no longer a secular republic but a bi-religious autocracy.

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