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Palestine: Fighting Talk of Elections

Categories: Middle East & North Africa, Palestine

Laila el-Haddad (Palestinian blogger of Raising Yousuf) [1] is reporting from Gaza [2] on the approaching legislative Palestinian elections, in a series of posts [3] for Guardian Unlimited [4], Laila described the situation in Gaza last week by being unusually quite adding: “The brief calm also seems to strengthen the argument of those who posit that the recent chaos was, in fact, premeditated by certain political elements in an effort to destabilise the government or postpone elections. My guess is the gunmen are too busy devouring their Eid meat.” [5]

This week, Laila says posters enveloped Gaza City as everyone has become a national hero while some marched down the streets shouting: “Thieves, thieves, you're all thieves” in reference to the ruling party.” [6]. Laila gave Fatah [7] (Arabic) party a call [8] to find some answers, read her full story here [6]