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Nuclear Crisis, Sanctions & BBC

Categories: Middle East & North Africa, Iran

Iranian nuclear crisis [1]has become a hot story in Media around the world. Several Iranian bloggers inside Iran and out side country, have shared their feelings and fear about sanctions and war. They also show their disappointment concerning international media.

Mehrangize Kar [2], a USA based human right lawyer, writer and blogger, says:

Under the present conditions, the people of Iran have no patience for war and blockade. They are disappointed to the point that whomever the Islamic leaders declare as an enemy, they consider as a friend; and whomever the leaders declare as a friend, they consider as an enemy. [3] They also define national security as a concept based on territorial integrity, social wellbeing, economic security, liberties, democracy, human dignity, justice and human rights“.

Mr.Behi, Iran based blogger, writes:

I am very scared of this nuclear issue. This is just a messy world. In one side it the Iranian government with all these manipulative crazy policies in foreign affairs and from the other side, the nuclear powers that keep threatening us. Who do they think will suffer if they put Iran under UN sanctions?….. [4]I am so upset about international media too. The Iranian nuclear dispute is making headline in the news and when they want to show something about it, they show Ahmadinejad [5], some nuclear sites, some satellite picture and that is it. Some days ago, BBC World [6] had a live contact with its correspondent in Tehran in a very snowy day. All she showed about people’s opinion was some scenes of Friday prayers –where virtually all of the supporters of government gather- and they have been chanting whatever the leader says since 26 years ago! I guess it was too cold and snowy for the BBC’s correspondent to move a little bit in Tehran and ask what other people might think“.

Hoder, a Toronto based blogger, tries to offer a solution in his blog. He says:

So, please, instead of putting all your energy on stopping Iran, channel all your resources to make this regime change its behaviour. It's not possible by military attack or a coup. It's only possible by helping every Iranian individual understand that they can change this regime if they want to. Not through another violent revolution, but simply through small holes that for whatever reason exist: elections [7]“!

NasimeDasht (Persian) is an Iran based blogger who thinks only with tolerance regarding the world specially USA Iran can get nuclear technology [8]. He considers Iran has to negotiate with USA to put an end to tensions.

I have checked several Hezbollah [9] blogs but I didn't see any thing about nuclear crisis or sanctions. Just silence!