Singapore: Blog “Queen” in Another Controversy

Recall Xiaxue, who soon after New Year's 2006 started an online petition to ban aerosol foam sprays from Singapore after unhappy encounters with both foam sprays and Bangladeshi foreign workers on New Year's Eve? No you don't. But many Singapore bloggers do. Some have accused her of thinly-veiled racism against South Asians. The controversy continues to reverberate, with recent accusations that she has misused her editorial privileges at Singapore blog aggregator to redact comments critical of her. Last year, Singapore prosecuted several bloggers for racist comments. Unfortunately for Xiaxue, an extremely popular local blogger, she could prove to be a tempting target. In the meantime, Asiapundit gives us a play-by-play of the Singapore blogfight.


  • I’ve been following XiaXue for more than a year now. I have witnessed her blog grow in character, spirit and depth. She is a very talented and savvy young woman. I believe that in time Wendy Cheng will take blogging to new heights in Singapore. Free Speech shall prevail. Cyber-dissidents, remember? I’ve noticed the same small band of accusers are back after criticizing Wendy’s “Bathroom Blog” entries and helping convince two of her sponsors to back out. Cheap shots, at best. I invite you and your readers to visit my blog for a more unbiased look at Wendy Cheng and some of the other “babes of the blogosphere” including Izzy, Dawn Yang, Muzi Mei and Mu Mu.

  • Sakuragi

    Please!!! Give me a break, stop being so obvious. Free speech? What does our Wendy Cheng do with the privilege free speech but to use it to air her narrow minded racist and inconsiderate views. Does she use it fight for injustices and social causes? No.

    Singapore has many blogs that has much more depth and intelligence that hers. Jeeze, I see the only blogs that you support are shallow vapid blogs by attractive asian women. Stop thinking with your dick and use your brains for once in your life.

  • Sarah

    It’s obvious that this Dave Lucas guy is one of XX’s fanboi. How “unbiased” can a post be when it was written by a fanboi? “Grow in character, spirit and depth” and “talented and savvy“? Gosh, this guy is indeed delusional.

    It’s also obvious that this guy is taking this chance to attract more traffic to his site. He has been promoting his blog here as well as at Tomorrow.

  • Hi Sakuragi

    Your comment’s for the most part substantive, which is why it got past moderation, but that last line is borderline. We’d be grateful if all commenters kept things reasonable in here.

    Dave — apologies. Any future comments in the vein of that last line will be deleted.

    [Update] Sarah — interesting. Will keep that in mind, too.

  • Xiaxue USED to be quite entertaining as she was both feisty and witty. Unfortunately, the general consensus of the Singaporean blogosphere is that she has become too consumed by fame and that she is abusing it by saying anything she wants, without any thought.

  • A Singaporean

    Ahem. I think that the latest controversy is how she was up to certain cyberpranks. Basically impersonated another well-known blogger’s ID so as to attack yet another well-known blogger on the Internet. A vile scheme displaying a severe lack of honesty and ethics.

    XiaXue is not very tech-savvy and so was caught with her pants down, kekeke.

  • SimpleSandra

    Dave, you’re not referring to the same girl who’s insinuating that most dark-skinned foreign workers are Bangladeshis, and most of these Bangladeshi are molesters, are you? I mean, the same girl who asking, I quote, “why we’re sharing Orchard Road with these people”?

    “Grow in character, spirit and depth”, you say.

    I believe most readers here aren’t as blind as you.

  • I’m terribly disappointed how ugly this whole affair has turned out to be. Seriously it really does speak volumes about our famous local bloggers doesn’t it? All engaged in a war of words, no harmony between them, and its really a shame that we live in a single dense metropolise city too!

    Writing in the public eye’s is a dangerous profession or hobby and even if one should choose the option to be scathing and irreverent, perhaps a little subtlety is called for? Maybe this is what our famous blogger Wendy Cheng should consider?

    To Dave, please… i seriously ask of thee.
    Do consider a revision on your view of Ms Wendy Cheng and be a bit more discerning. Sometimes a little constructive criticism is required…

  • I find XX offensive and self-absorbed. While I must admit the girl can write, I will never go as far as saying she has ‘grown in depth and character…’The recent hoo-haa only shows how racist and condescending she is towards the Bangladeshi workers.

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