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Pakistan: Blog-o-reason

Categories: South Asia, Pakistan, Citizen Media

Since the dawn of civilization … no, that's not quite accurate. Since the dawn of web logs, millions of net surfers have suffered from an existential angst relating to the real purpose of blogging. The famous Danish Philosopher Soren Kierkegaard might have addressed this question with a very simple answer, “How the heck should I know, I've been dead for a hundred and fifty years!” But I can hazard a guess, that had he been alive today, he would have said, “I must find a truth that is true for me . . . and blogging is the way to go”, either that or “Bugger off!”

In my view, there are five key reasons why people blog. And they are presented below, in no discernable order:

1-To document the minutia (of their every day lives)
B-To vent their frustrations (about their place of work, the government, or the press)
Third-To report the truth (as alternate to what is presented in the mainstream media)
iv- To catalogue a list (of their personal CD collection)
and Lastly-To write about everything else not covered in the points above.

As for the real purpose for this post, I bring to you this week's small but relevant collection of links that show you what's being said in the Pakistani blog world..

Windmill suffers his own existential angst [1]; Meanderings details her visit to the Mohatta Palace [2]; Suspect Paki presents his angered response [3]to the CIA Bombing in Pakistan; Journey questions the need for God [4]; Lightwithin details the experience of Garam Chasma [5]; and finally Napoleon Blown Apart comments on recent weddings [6].

So that's it for this week. I am off to research the writings of Sigmund Freud, who incidentally felt the real reason why people blog is because it reminds them of sex. But then again, Sigmund was a bit of a frustrated pervert anyway…