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After a while of blogging inactivity, I'm back. And nothing better to start with than summaries of what happenned in 2005. Franc of Apuntes Peruanos at Perú en los blogs 2005 does it, even though its not a completely in-depth look, its worth the effort (By the time this post is online in Global Voices, Franc's post was already published thanks to the effort of Patrick Hall). Also the ghost of Tinta Fantasma has its own post La blogósfera en el Perú (The Blogosphere in Peru) offering his view of precisely that. Just like Sandro Medina of Letra Suelta who in 2005: weblogs en el Perú gives us his own particular balance of the facts. Though its not estrictly about the subject, Morsa in el blog: la coordinadora estudiantil – la blogósfera y sus sorpresas reflects on how as the blogosphere grows, common spaces of interaction do too.

On the technological aspect, Eduardo Solis's post of e-nredados: 2006: ¿cuántos y quienes somos? Parte III (How Many and Who are We?) is related to the blogosphere, because the data about penetration of PCs and TICs in our country is quite relevant for those of us who are into the environment. Continuing with technology, APM writes on La vida de un informático: PerAntivirus 9.6 crackeado, in which he speaks limitedly of the popular antivirus software from Peru.

Now onto politics: La Morena speaks in 93 Days Left about the political conjuncture not just of Peru but also of Bolivia and Chile. To select an excerpt:

The last polls have reflected that around 50% of the constituents still dont know who vote for.Evo already won and the idea of the native leader could stimulate the andean majority and the south of the country which identifies itself in support of Ollanta Humala and his own discontent and rejection of the system which has brought them few benefits. Likewise, the virtual victory of the candidate Bachelet in Chile, could favor Lourdes Flores who will try to be the first female President of Peru.

So the principal topic of peruvian politics these days revolves around Ollanta Humala and blogs make no exception. Carla, representing the typical Peruvian blogger tells it explicitly: Estamos jodidos. El Acertijo Cretino posts Llegaron los Reyes! Nos traen humalitas, evones y chavecitos, which is along the same lines. Marco Sifuentes from his blog El Útero de Marita has two post about it: Ollanta Humala: culpable soy yo and Humala vs Bolívar vs Chomsky vs Allende vs Chávez vs Marx vs Evo, both very interesting, because he tells us first hand and does it with unique humor.

The different note its put by the well known journalist Manuel Jesús Orbegozo who in his blog El Mundo, Un Dia tells us in Perú: Humala Versus Humala that among other things:

This is the political overview that lives in Peru because of Humala, If they wouldnt had intervened, the political reality would be the same as it was 170 years ago; pure Peruvian briskness. One or two lords would run for president one of them would win not knowing how or when. Of course you cant just depend on speeches, as Ollanta is not the guardian angel of Peru, but he could make much more than others that form part of a class, a really disgusting one. Ollanta has said “these politicians make me sick”. Watching over again the same faces as candidates, lets say, Mr Xavier Barrón himself, is sickening. But its as sickening to think there is a singer whos nickname is “Tongo” who aspires to be legislator.

Continuing with politics, Jomra tells us the lastest on Fujimori, Fujimori y más sobre Fujimori…. Luis León of Ingenuo País also speaks on Fujimori in Fujimori… ¿puede postular? and in a very long post on the people on the Ministry of Economics and Finance: Los MEF-Boys… o en busca del continuismo económico tells us the recent moves on the economic ministry and the famous “economic model”. So now that we are on the topic of economics, Gonzalito reproduces, without commentary, an article from an economic newspaper from our neighbor to the south: Operadores chilenos se lanzan a la caza de Perú.

Changing topics, Luis of Autobús has two excellent posts in which he offers his impressions on the visit of almost mythological Argentinean rocker, Luis Alberto Spinetta to Lima and his concert: Spinetta (1) y Spinetta (2). Ivan Thays, of Moleskine, informs us in Vargas Llosa y Vanessa Saba en teatro about the premiere in Lima of one of Vargas Llosas’ play: The truth of the lies (La verdad de las mentiras), turns out to be very interesting because this particular play was not really conceived to be staged. Just one complaint: Iván put a picture of the gorgeus Vanessa instead of Mario.

Now onto personal blogs, I have found some posts that caught my attention: Ella se sabe gorda of Orlando Mazeyra is about the situations that our excessive dependence on attractiveness may lead us to. Hay cosas que no se pueden comprar by Diego Avendaño (desde la clandestinidad) is a post about things that were born to not be, with a reference to a well known advertisement of credit cards as a reflection that if we can onlyl really buy everything. El precio de la sabiduría, posted in Origami con los boletos del micro, is about those experiences that, withoug knowing why, marked us yet never became memories but there are always present in our life. And Carlos, of the popular Invazor C: writes a sad Balance del 2006, that looks like a poem or is it?

To finish, a couple of posts with pictures, from blogs that aren't officially photoblogs, but… who cares?. First one Miscelánea Fotográfica: Trujillo, 31 de diciembre covers a trip to the beautiful city of Trujillo and appeared in Crepúsculos y Cuadernos. With authors’ permission and in a nostalgic outburst, I dedicate this to a big bunch of my trujillian friends spread around the world. The second one is not one but four; a series of posts about a New Year's camping trip published by Silvia Sugasti in her blog Adeene: Camping's Day (Días atrás) – Parte I, Camping's Day (Sábado, Lima) – Parte II, Camping's Day (Sábado, Sarapampa) – Parte III y Camping's Day (Sábado y Domingo, Sarapampa) – Parte IV. It's good to see how the Linux users have a good time … Thats it for today. Bye.

Translation by Andres Riveros

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