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Echoes from the Tunisian blogosphere

Categories: Middle East & North Africa, Tunisia

Karim [1] and Marwen [2] write about their wishes for the Tunisian blogosphere in the year 2006, after a big and healthy year 2005 for blogs in Tunisia.
Adib [3] gives his thoughts on the Tunisian blogosphere in the past year 2005.

Hannibal publishes some pictures he took at an art exhibition at the Brooklyn Museum, NY [4] : Tree of Paradise: Jewish Mosaics from the Roman Empire, which displays a number of mosaics from Tunisia.

Tunizika have released episode 8 of their Tunisian musical podcast [5] featuring music from Sofyann Ben youssef, Ghalia Ben Ali & Temnaa, Kerkenah and Amel Mathlouthi.

Marwen thinks that biodiesel could be a very good alternative fuel option in Tunisia [6], as the prices for petroleum based fuel continue to rise.

Tunisian Globetrotter reports that a new TV channel called “Sport 7″ [7], that will broadcast all the soccer matches from the Tunisian championship, could see the light of day soon. Talks are still going on between Tunisian officials and ART about the details (in French).

Zizou writes about the relations between Tunisia and Italy [8], and how a bond was created between the two countries when the Italian RAI1 channel became available to all Tunisians back in 1967. He sees the countries moving away from each other over the past few years, and he thinks that the opposite should be the case, especially with Italy being in need of foreign labor and Tunisians being in a good position to fill those gaps. (in French)

OthRez writes an interesting piece about relocation / offshoring [9] in general and also takes Tunisia's example where many textile and ITC businesses from Europe are setting up production centers, discussing the pros and cons of it all (in French).

Ex-Blonde writes about her experience with Tunisian cinemas [10]; the small and old selection of movies, the badly reputated cinemas, the empty theatres, the low quality picture and sound, …etc. She finds watching pirated DivX movies at home in front of her PC a much better experience (in French).