Somaliland: Illegal foreign contracts

The Voice of Somaliland sends out a warning to all foreign companies on signing false contracts with the Regional Administration of Majertenia in North Somalia….”We have also been informed that the president of the Administration of Somalia and his prime Minister, who has no jurisdiction over Somaliland, have given their support to this illegal agreement.”


  • Somali for Peace and Unity

    So call “Somaliland” what it is saying is not new neither news worthy. The situation was all over the Somali website, the agreement between Puntland and the Somali government acquiesced to the agreement between Punland administration and the other company.

    What is new however is that Somalia’s split government has agreed to work together this week, thus, Somaliland call out for war.

    Listen Don’t worry, Somaliland administration and the public are about to fight each other once again, and that is the only way they know how to defuse the situation, The administration only knows posturing and warmongering, that is their tactic to police the public, or put them in jail. But the public are many and cannot fit in jail. So, by saying that they are going to fight Puntland or any other person who is coming to that area, the public will stop complaining. The reason people are unhappy is, the administration has been telling them for 15 years they will secede from the rest of Somalia this year, every year it is this year, and it seems that Somalia is settling now which is detriment to their existence.

    the former British Somaliland they claimant is comprised of 5 regions, and the separatist clan only live in one and half region. The other three and half regions belonging to another clans are not seceding from Somalia. Therefore, if Somalia settles their dream of secession will evaporate. And the public knows that, and that is why the public are restless. The public told the administration either secede or go have talks with the rest of Somalia on our behalf. However, the leaders of Somaliland are not prepare have talks or peace that, because they have a lot of donor money coming directly to their bank accounts, if they joint the rest of Somalia, the Money will stop, and their will be accountability. You can say it is a very African leader like thing.

    So warmongering they resorted to, once the secessionist clan/public heard that there might be a fight against another clans, they decide to stop fighting amongst themselves. Those who want the separation from Somali is only one clan, a very belligerent clan. Extremely barbaric. Either they are fighting among themselves or fighting with other clans.

    I am surprise they are not going after the President or someone else in the Somali government, since they are known for their broad daylight assassination, or blowing up places.

  • R Noor

    Dear Global Voices,

    I would like to bring to your kind attention the following comment titled “One Response to “Somaliland: Illegal foreign contracts””, posted on your site on 10/01/2006.

    I am bewildered by the following house rule or website etiquete in your site which states ” Please treat others with respect. Comments containing hate speech, obscenity, and personal attacks will not be approved”, yet when you post comments like “Those who want the separation from Somali is only one clan, a very belligerent clan. Extremely barbaric. Either they are fighting among themselves or fighting with other clans” and “I am surprise they are not going after the President or someone else in the Somali government, since they are known for their broad daylight assassination, or blowing up places”, you approve that very which you disapprove!

    If these comments are not hate speech, obscene and personal attack on an entire clan, I do not know what is?

    Please, pay a careful eye on what you post in your site.

    Yours truly,
    Mr R. Noor

  • saad bin musa

    Dear Global Voices,
    I would urge any reader to compare the two comments posted above and judge for themselves.One ill speaking of a Nation that has proved time and time again and celebrates almost two decades of peace and tranquility among its people.The other correcting the attacker and illustrating the basic objective,goal and etiquette of sharing ones view.I concur with MR.R.Noor on every sentence that he has posted, so precise and eloquently.
    Ibn ISHAQ

  • Garaad Shirshoore

    Although this thread has started two years ago, the situation in Somalia and Northern Somalia in particular remains in the same poor predicament. On the security front, the safety has deteriorated. On October 15th 2007, the “Somaliland” militia forcefully occupied LasAnod, the capital city of Sool region. This attack internal displaced thousands and thousands of innocent civilians from their homes, businesses and their livelihood. It also caused over 230deaths. This was unprovoked and unjustified subjugation of peaceful region. The inhabitants of this region don’t want to be part of “Somaliland” and the tribal/clan chiefs jointly declared the wish of their people to remain under Somali Unity. As stated by the chiefs, their region has never been part of or recognized the British Colony in their land, which is the basis of “Somaliland” secession, spearheaded by one clan—Isak.

  • A.Kheyre

    I suppose Dr. Jendayi Frazer visited Somaliland because she wanted a vacation there!!. Why would a senior United States diplomat came and visit Somaliland, to be received in a such manner, meet government as well as opposition members? Because, Somaliland is a stable,democractic and progressive nation. Those who close their eyes to reality and spend valuable time with their heads in the sands deserve our pity and help.

    Somaliland has more going for it than many nations in the World.

  • Zahid Matar

    The Somaliland Special Police Unit (SPU) successfully released the German citize.

    The Somaliland Special Police Unit (SPU) successfully released Mr. Daniel Bronkal, a German citizen, held against his will for 12 hours by unknown gunmen at Rugay 150 kilometers north of Erigavo on 12th Feb 2008.

    This is a source of pride to every Somalilander at home and abroad. This action by the Somaliland security forces is a warning to all would be criminals, that Somaliland is able to defend its citizens and foreign guests.

    The SPU and Military Forces secured Bronkal release Wednesday evening at 22:00 local time in the Al Mado mountainous region. Mr. Bronkal thanked to SPU, the local Sanaag security officers and the Somaliland Intelligence services.

    Mr. Bronkal was received with a warm welcome on his safe return to Erigavo and was then flown to Hargeisa. Upon his arrival in Hargeisa, Mr.Bronkal paid a courtesy visit to the President of Somaliland, Mudane Dahir Rayale Kahin.

    It is worth noting that the local residents of Erigavo and its surrounding areas co-operated with the Somaliland Security forces, and as a result all participants in the attempted kidnapping have been apprehended and are on their way to Hargeisa to face justice.

    This incident is reminicent of a similar situation which occured a few years ago, in which the residents of Dhoqoshay played an integral role in capturing a group of Al-Qaeda linked operatives, guilty of targeting foreign nationals, during their attempt to escape the strong arm of the law. These criminals were caught, tried and are currently in jail. A similar fate awaits the would be kidnappers of Mr.Daniel Bronkal.

    The quick and prompt reaction of Somaliland security forces is another sign of the maturity of Somaliland’s institutions. The German team that arrived in Somaliland on Thursday to assist our security forces in releasing Denial Bronkal expressed their gratitude to Somaliland and its people.

    Initial reports indicate the plot originated in an area of nieghbouring Somalia where kidnapping is a business. According to sources within the Somaliland security apparatus, the alleged kidnappers appeared to have infiltrated the region from the Eastern border, and their capture whilst attempting to flee across the same border is an strong indication of this theory.

    Opponents of Somaliland must realise that Somalilanders are ready to safeguard the peace and security of the country from bandits and desperados. Somaliland indepedence came at a price and it is a price worth defending.

    The security of the nation begins with the individual and Somaliland is blessed with stalwart individuals.

    God Bless Somaliland.

  • Najeeb

    We are not asking you to remain silent Somaliland is a democratic and free nation so you may burk all you want, we all know you just seeking attention because the truth is what unity is on the ground to argue about when your capital is under Ethiopian control?

    To me and to the international community Somalia does not rather exist, its and Ethiopian colony. Somaliland is free and it will join the world nations.

    Keep crying you cant hide the truth.
    My support also goes to the brave Ethiopian soldiers helping those poor Somalis trying to have a rule of law for once.

    Bless Somaliland.

  • Ahmed

    im South Somalian living now in Hargiesa Somaliland ,

    life here is beter than Mogadisho and is like living in different countery ,
    somaliland mentality is different from south somalia mentality .

    Somalilander fight with PEN , but south Somalian fight with GUN , thats the mean different

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