Images from Palestine: School Book

Girls School - Tallouza - Palestine

“A Palestinian school girl holding here English book” by paella69


  • Xavier

    Thanks Haitham for posting my picture in Global Voices – I am glad also in this way to have access to this Forum – This picture was shot in Dec 04 during a visit to the town of Tallouza, close to Nablus. During this time, while getting close to the warmly hearted palestinian people, I gained some insight into their troubled economy, rich but ruined due to the enclosure policy set up by some israeli politicians. Encircled by a 8 meters wall, how could their excellent e.g. olive oil reach other markets? It is Education, Dialogue and International Support what in my opinion can rescue this highly capable and educated people from the disaster.

  • Lovely picture. Keep up the good work, Xavier!

  • Hmm… think about it. On one hand an entire religion devoted to the destruction of Israel. On the other hand a Palestinian state supported by Israel in the midst of constant terrorism. And you blame Israeli politicians for the problems there? Why don’t the murderers just stop blowing people up? There could be peace and all peoples could move on. Then we could enjoy Palestinian olive oil.

  • Xavier

    Hi Dennis – first, I was referring to “some israeli politians”, not to all of them and also not to the israeli people in general, that deserve my respect and highest consideration. I do not catch you either when you say “an entire religion devoted to the destruction of Israel”. This is not true. On the other hand, I ask to myself, what the support is, that Israel provides to the palestian “state”, whereby only 15% of the occupied territories is under control of Palestinian Authority. On the contrary, I would say that palestinian people are humiliated on a daily basis and their dignity spoiled sistematically. If you were on the spot (inside the occupied territories I mean) you would get me.

  • p2q4

    Though they are victims of their own regimes’ myopic and malliciuos objectives, I am for peace with Palestinians, but not at the expense of objectivity, rationality, human universal values, and Israel.

    Obje tively, Occupied Territory is a misnomer – land gained by Israel has always been in wars initiated or provoked by the Arab world, including the 1967 six day war, when Nasser violated international agreements: blockading the Suez Canal; and throwing out the UN keeping force, replacing them with his own troops, with the stated intent of driving Israel into the sea; etc.

    Israel has given back land for peace, but with it has only given Arab countries (there are Jewish Arabs!) more hope for Israel’s complete destruction (e.g., daily rocket fire at civilians’s in Sderot from Gaza, which was recently voluntarily transferred from Israel to the Palestinian Authoriy).

    No other entity in history has goaded their population to homicide-bomb civilians, and no state won by terrorism was subsequently ruled democratically. The text book shown above is wonderful PR, but not shown are the countless ones that demonize Israel, Israelis, and Jews, claiming that their elimination by martyrdom in this world leads directly to true, eternal happiness in the next, eternal world.

    Basic morality dictates that ends do not justify means.

    Well-meaning, clear-thinking, humanists, for some unfathomable reason, toss out all reason, human rights, women’s rights, etc., when Israel and the Jews are concerned, and I don’t think it is merely for oil. I also can’t understand ratihnally how Israel and the Jews remain despite it all.

    The Almohad leader Ibn Tumurt ” in 1133,…decreed that Israel should leave its faith”; he declared: “come let us cut them off from being a nation, so that the name of Israel may be no more in rememberence”; he “left them neither name nor renant in his entire kingdom.”

    Does anyone remember who the Almohads were?!

    I am positive that when objectivity, rationality, and human universal values are restored in debate and negotiations, a compromise solution benefitting both People can be worked out, but likely it won’t be for several generations, when, it is hoped, the hateful textbooks, and the leaders that promulgate them are forcibly removed.

  • Theodor Herzl

    To Dennis:

    If someone were taking over the U.S., would you fight to save your country? If so, then why is it called “terrorism” when other countries fight to save their countries from being invaded? To call these people “terrorists” only proves that you are completely ignorant of the history and politics of the region and of the terrorist Zionist movement.

  • p2q4

    As far as I no, the US has never intentionally targeted civilians; do you not understand the differnece between civilians and combantants or do you not care in this situation? This is precisly what I meant when I said when it comes to Israel, Israelis, and Jews, objectivity, rationality, and human values get jettisoned.

    To see your double standards clearly, try substituting Native Americans for Paelstinians, and the US for Israel. Would you say Native Americans are free to homicide-bomb your American civilian family – including women, children, babies – as they sip coffee in a cafe? And the US really did occupy the land of Native Americans!

  • micheal hunt

    First of all y dont talk about human values,foundation of isreal were laid on demolision of Paelstinians.from the begening of human civilization history jews always been the hinder,enemy of peace ,trust broker, and thereat to humanity and peace.jews were behind the crusifixation of jesus christ.jews betrayed with spanish empire during ARAB ATTACK.and later betrayed with with muslim in haspania.
    if y think that HAMAS or other resistance organisation is terrorist,then what y think about terrorism of Zionist movement since from last 60 yrs.the cowardness in your charcater and brutality in mind never let you establish your own nation entire history of mankind you were insulted and invaded becoz of your ill behaviour.Although i have no persnol anomosity against jews as far as they are stick in Palestine.whole isreal is illagimiate state.
    jews never be settle any where in the world becoz they went against their prophets,they are responsible fr jesus crufixation,Roman empire has been finished fr nothing but brutality against jesus,they wiped out,now its your turn,y wil also wiped out,you entire community got curse,very soon you wil be pull out from phaelstine.or your history wil be erased… talking abt terrorism,let me tell y one thing abt US,just aftr the foundation of UNO,US ran over vietnam,killed thousands,already killed thousands in iraq AND in afganistan.i am nt advocating saddam,but yes,during his regime he was accused of killing of 1500 shias and tell me one thing how maney people has been killing aftr US invansion.y will say that terrorist are killing,that means y dnt know how to govern,becoz during SADDAM HUSAIN no terrorist were attacking.and IRAQ were in 1st world lsit.WHERE is Iraq now.zonist are terrorist by nature and US is terrorist by its poicy.

  • the occupied territories? think of what they were before they fell under israels control

    they belonged to egypt, jordan and syria why didnt these arab/pro arab countries grant the palestinians independence back then

    israel didnt have nabulous, bethlehem, gaza before 1967 just look at the facts and who is talking to figure out the bias

  • Tony

    “As far as I no, the US has never intentionally targeted civilians;”


    Full stop.

    No need to read any more idiocy from this poster. You sir are dismissed!

    It’s too bad that most of the mass media conglomerates in teh US are Jewish controlled i.e. producer, editor or publisher is Jewish. The media coverage of the mid-=east is biased to say the least; hate mongering would be a more accurate summation.

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