Egypt: The Massacre of the Sudanese Refugees

a broken photo frame left behind the refugees.
Photo by Nora.

The tragic and bloody end of the Sudanese sit-in is still the main discussion topic in the Egyptian blogosphere. It is another brutal police action that I can't keep on saying that it proves to us that Egypt is living in a brainless police state. Egypt is living in a police state and this is yet another tragedy created by the goons in this regime. It is a regime that has no respect for anyone, its own citizens or some powerless refugees.

Nora Younis
Nora's amazing account with pictures is a must read and can not be summarized here. You have to read it fully.
Nora collects several press clippings about the event. And several eye witness reports.

Debunking lies by Egyptian State Media
Mohamed reminds us that every time security forces uses unjustified force and brutality, the national newspapers tries to cover up and twists the facts.
While Ta3zeeb responds to every lie spread in the media and newspapers.

The Egyptian prime minister will not apologize over the incident and he visited the injured police men only. While the Sudanese government thanks Egypt for exercising patience for so long.

Egyptian Conscience posts a large collection of photos by media and other sources. While here are some photos before the massacre by Elijah and Youssef.

R asks if the image of Egypt is more important than the lives of the Sudanese refugees ? He asks this after the Muslim Brotherhood MPs insisted on questioning the government over its actions that damaged the image of Egypt internationally.


Two demonstrations were organized on the 31 of December in the same place the killings occurred.Yesterday a group of bloggers organized a protest. They want to stand against the incident every Thursday.

Independent media, human rights groups, the opposition, international media and international groups are asking for an independent investigation. Including Sudanese nationals in Washington D.C.

I am ashamed to say this, but over some blog comments and other few bloggers did express that they were glad that the refugees were moved from such a prominent residential area. However, they didn't approve the killings.

New Cabinet
Elijah reports on the tragedy and the recent cabinet reshuffle.
A new blog that monitors and reports incidents of torture in Egypt. It covered the massacre of the refugees in depth. The blog is in Arabic.


  • Thanks for sharing this. I will do what I can to share it widely.

  • Hola Companeros ~ I am one among many inside the United States who sees the key interconnections between the fascist police state behavior in Egypt towards the Sudanese refugees and the unleashed power of the Oval Office Cabal whose figurehead is Puppet-Fuhrer Bush. Among many state powers on the global level there is a kind of silent acceptance of such cruel murderous behavior by officials in the name of fighting terrorism and while they are at it anyone else who gets in the way of their corporate profit-motive: foreign immigrants, illegal aliens and domestic homeless refugees!

    There is a term we use here called NIMBYism, which means Not In My BackYard. People will accept the idea of helping the homeless ~be they foreign or domestic refugees~ just not in their own neighborhoods. The governing powers prefer such folks to be placed far out on the outer fringe of an urban area so as not to disrupt ‘business as usual’ if not thrown into the river with their belongings and all.

    Plus, we have the fascist US Border Patrol functioning as the judge, jury and executioner without any uproar:

    Mexico Seeks Probe Into Shooting of Man at Border
    SAN DIEGO — The Mexican government has requested an investigation into the death of an unarmed Mexican man who was shot, allegedly by a U.S. Border Patrol agent, over the weekend.,1,2120149.story?coll=la-headlines-california

    Many Americans do care, many are with us and we must continue to uphold all humane rights for all people and never back down in the face of fascist tyranny from any official, semi-official or unofficial sources of armed sinister sickness.

    Related Link:
    Egypt: Investigate Police for Sudanese Deaths: Twenty Migrants Killed in Raid

    The humanitarian crisis in Sudan

    Combat All Evils of Fascism Anywhere!
    Peter S. Lopez {aka Peta} ~ Coordinator
    Sacramento, California, USA

  • It had been a long chain for the killing of Sudanse by the Egyptian. Egyptians hates to see the black color in Egypt by calling them Bunga which indicate an insult upon that specific color. Many Sudanese lost their life in Egypt since they started seeking for a refugee asylam. Egypt is not a right country that handles refugee with care. refugee should be move out from Egypt, beacuse they have shown a bad example to the whole nation. Mubarak and Besir had really played their role which made end up as shamful presidents.

  • Mandino

    I don’t know what’s with the conflict between races. it seems to me that these refugees have been mistreated a lot of times already. I have visited The Emma Academy Project and it gives me comfort that I could at least give hope for them of a brighter future. The project will be building a school in Leer, Sudan.

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