Reactions to Arrest of Cambodian Human Rights Activist Kem Sokha

Photo of Kem Sokha via VOA

Via Jinja who points to this AP wire story about the arrest of the Kem Sokha, Cambodian Center for Human Rights.   It confirms that Yeng Virak, head of the Community Legal Education Center, was also arrested.

The article provides more details about the banners displayed at Human Rights Day that prompted the arrest. (Cambodia Blog has a post with some photos from the December event here and here – but not the banner described below.)  The Cambodian government also denied cracking down on freedom of expression:

Khieu Kanharith, the government spokesman and information minister, said the government has sued the two men over a critical banner they displayed during a gathering on International Human Rights Day on Dec.10. He said the banner labeled Hun Sen as a "communist" and a "traitor who has sold away (Cambodian) land to Vietnam."

"We have already stated in the past that this (accusation) is very serious," he said, denying the government is cracking down on freedom of expression.

U.S. Ambassador Joseph Mussomeli suggested in his comments that the latest action shows the Cambodian government is more authoritarian than democratic.    In an article in the Cambodia Daily, Mussomeli said "We are concerned that this may be part of a broader plan to
quash the opposition. The prospects for a credible and fair election in 2008 are being impaired…. They've scared the hell out of the opposition and it becomes more difficult to take these trappings of democracy as the real thing."

Virak's lawyer said the arrest is unfair as the words on the banner in question were scribbled by someone else and that when the organizers saw it, the banner was promptly removed.    Still some argue, a government tolerant of free speech would not be throwing the organizers of the event or the organization holding the banner in jail.

Those blogging fromoutside the country expressed dismay about recent events. According to an article in the Cambodia Daily, for some Cambodians citizens quoted in the article, the arrest is a warning to stop speaking out. One unidentified source quoted in the article is calling for outside help:

"The UN and powerful countries around the world should intervene on this matter in order to help those  activists," he said. "Then Cambodian people can take the second step in protesting to release Kem Sokha and others."

Expat Cambodians living in the US are organizing and urging US citizens to contact
their government officials to express outrage about the situation.  Here is an opinion piece from the Cambodia Information Center blog entitled Freedom Of Expression Being Haunted By Ghost Of The Past which is also encouraging people to speak out.


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  • […] The Cambodian Government’s actions to silence critics of the ruling party rang in the New Year with the arrests Human Rights activists Kem Sokha, Yeng Virak and Pa Nguon Teang. The arrests were prompted by banners displayed on Human Rights Day held on December 10, 2005. […]

  • […] Critics, including the United States, the United Nations, World Bank and international human rights groups , have condemned the government’s actions and said they show Cambodia, under Hun Sen’s rule, is becoming more authoritarian than democratic. […]

  • Wildox

    Majority of us cambodians are still very ignorant and low in education!! We have a very exploded mentality, and when this mental reaction outbusts, we will harm our ownself peoples physically abused or kill our own brother and sister!! Well we did, lot of us died……
    I am so frustrated about us khmer, and I am so sad that change has not progressed much in our society: We get to get out of the well, the well that we only see one spot of the sky. We have to come out and look around our neightbor countries, what they have done to themself? Economically,educatinally,science, technology, they have shifted into high gear and we us khmers are still stuck in first gear!! We are far less backwarded than our ancestor. We have to stop fighting killing each other, we kill our own because that one khmer person speak up, and cotradicted one person opinion. Critisism is a key element to find the fact, to turn the wrong doing into a most logical thought and create an action that would bring progress and prosperity to our Cambodia!! Remember we have walked into the darkest hellwhole in the history of our race ( 1975-1979 ) We walked out of that whole, now we are togerther physically, a one killing here and there is still to much
    We have to come togerther mentally and physically in peace, love and great compassion to one another, reguardless of class or rank!! We are the parent the sister and brother of this house this great house of us
    ( Cambodia ) if one of us get hurt physically or mentally, every one of us will feel the pain. We need to take care and protect our children
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  • Kem Sokha is one of the most daring outspoken critics against human right abuses in Cambodia. His outspokenness had caught the ire of Prime Minister Hun Sen numerous times. His arrest and jailing and his release had caused sensational media attention, not only in Cambodia but around the world. His examplary courage will act as a model for the next generations of young Cambodians to follow.

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