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Blog Buzz From South Asia

Categories: South Asia, Bangladesh, India, Nepal, Pakistan, Sri Lanka

‘Tis that time of the year — we are at the cusp of a new year and it is time to take stock of 2005. South Asian bloggers have been busy drawing up their lists, their impression, and how things can be improved in their countries.

Ahmede Hussain has his round-up for 2005, while Rifat [1] talks about the education system and points out that good trained teachers are essential before introducing new courses in universities, especially computer and engineering ones.

Sports, films and person of the year are some of the themes discussed by India-related bloggers.

The World of Cricket
discusses about the year that was and the future of cricket in India, while Sandeep Shinde [2] writes on why he chose Sania Mirza as his person of the year. Division of Labor [3] has a list of top Bollywood films of 2005. Ashish Kumar's [4] take on NDTV's “Indian of the year,” contest.

December 25th was the birthday of Mohammed Ali Jinnah Metroblogging Karachi [5], and Zeeshan Khan [6] share their thoughts on Jinnah.

Karachi seems to have captured the minds of a couple of people: Streetphotos has a series of wonderful, colorful pictures of Old Karachi [7] and here are a some close-ups of vultures [8].

Reza discusses about women's rights in Pakistan [9] and Raheel [10] complains about Pakistan's ban of Indian TV channels except for MTV and Zoom! Ejaz [9]looks back at 2005 and his focus is the area of IT and technology.

Sri Lanka:
, a British expat shares his thoughts about the latest political developments in Sri Lanka. Crossroad Dispatches highlights Bazuki [11], a photographer who revisited Sri Lanka to mark the first anniversay of the devastating tsunami.