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Turkey is Typing….

Categories: Middle East & North Africa, Turkey

It has been a quiet week in the Turkish blogosphere, some of my favorite bloggers such as Turkish Torque [1]and Talk Turkey [2] have been silent. Mavi Boncuk [3] and Erkan's Field Diary [4], however, have been as active as ever.

The trial of Orhan Pamuk [5], Turkish Novelist, for speaking out against the Republic of Turkey, has drawn a lot of attention from the rest of the world [6]. Erkan's Field Diary gives us some brief impressions of the Orhan Pamuk [7] situation, and even has pictures of the riot police outside the courthouse holding his trial [8].

Mavi Boncuk posts a set of links of various recipes that his blog has featured since the blog's beginning [9], and also advertises his own food blog, Tastes of Mavi Boncuk [10].

There is a new podcast episode of Kevin and Fatma Take On the World [11], this time including Fatma! The Mp3 blog, Unomundo [12] has been focusing on hip hop music for this week.

Socioeconomics had some random thoughts about the King Kong movie. [13] Ignore Me If You Can writes about a movie she has recently seen called Havoc [14]. She also writes about the commericalism of Christmas and New Years in Istanbul [15], a subject she also touches upon on Metroblogging:Istanbul. [16] Phanja from The Need to Know announces that she will be taking a “holiday Break”. [17]

Yogurtland has a post about making wedding invitations and favors [18], and a recipe for Strained Yogurt Cake [19], which I actually used for one of my final projects this semester, to which I would like to add my thanks!

New find for this week, a Turkish blog in English, called Ne Var, New York? [20], it's title is a play off of the term “Ne Var, Ne Yok” (literally What is there, what isn't there) which is the Turkish slang equilvent of “what's up?”.
Also found this week was the blog Queen of Flub [21], she is a Turkish American MIT student, who like many of us University students are in the last phases of our finals. Mert Ulas [22], a Turkish University student in the US normally translates his Turkish posts into English, however he has been busy with the end of the semester, however the picture on his last Turkish post says it all [23].