Darfur blog, The Passion of the Present annouces today as “Die-In-for-Darfur, Turn the heat on Rice”.. …join Africa Action and friends as we rally at the State Department to challenge Secretary of State, Condoleezza Rice to take immediate action to stop genocide in Darfur, Sudan. To represent the 400,000 people who have died in Darfur since the genocide began, activists will risk arrest by staging a “die-in” at the entrance of the State Department, surrounded by drawings made by children survivors in Darfur. Participants that do NOT want to risk arrest will have a safe area and can still participate in the rally”.


  • I have been well informed about the Darfur blog and I have visited it and also visited the other “Coalition for Darfur” blog.
    I commend all your efforts and I have already joined you in sending petitions to world leaders to address the emergency in Darfur, because it is becoming another holocaust in Africa.

    More innocent people have been killed in Darfur in the last two years than in Iraq and the tragedies in Darfur are worse than the Tsunami and earthquake in Pakistan.

    Kaltoma Ahmed, 16, described watching her six-year-old brother Adam die. “[The Janjaweed] tied the children’s hands and feet,” she said. “They put them in the house, and burned it to the ground.”

    Eric Reeves, August 2, 2004.

    “We acted too late to save millions of Jews during World War II,”.
    “We didn’t act at all when hundreds of thousands of innocents were slaughtered in Rwanda. We have the opportunity now to stop a genocide and we must act.”

    -Charles Rangel, the New York City congressman,

  • It’s incredible, but Italian media don’t speak about Darfur. People don’t know what ‘s happening in Darfur. So I have had an idea..please, ask to italian media to speak on tragedy in Darfur! There is a form, in my blog, to write to them with a click!

    How to join Italian Blogs for Darfur

    People die in Darfur!
    Join Italian Blogs for Darfur now!
    __________________________________________________ ________
    Send an email to Italian Blogs for Darfur with your web address.
    Then, add our logo on the front page of your blog with a link to us(you can take the code here).
    Call your friends too, and tell’em what’s happening in Darfur.
    Thank you!


  • cecil drake

    How about a boycott of and demonstrations aimed at global Walmart? This biggest merchandiser is a tremendous purveyor of Chinese goods. The continuing Chinese support of Sudan driven atrocities in Darfur is only perpetuating genocide. The deadly trinity of Walmart, China, and Sudan equals death,misery, and genocide in Darfur. Why do we continue to spend our money at Walmart, while decrying the end situation, that our resources sustain? I suggest that one way to get Walmart/Chinese/ Sudanese attention is to impact the bottom line of their common pocket books.
    Cecil Drake

  • billy omand

    Darfur is a civil war, not a genocide. Many people get the two different ideas confused because their brains are filled with only one-sided, biased ideas. Darfur is region populated by mostly Black-Africans, but is surrounded by regions populated by mostly Arab-Africans. This is the start of a revolution attempt, not a one-sided genocide. The holocaust was a genocide. The Jewish people that populated western Europe could not fight back. They were being killed beyond their control. It was not a war. It was a one-sided war….an attempt of ethnic cleansing, or a genocide. But Darfur….that is a war. It is a group of rebels fighting the government for ancient lands. A conflict that will never stop until their society grows into a nation. They just happened to be a little farther behind than the rest of us. Like the ancient Greeks, fighting each other for so long, until they reached a point where they had to stick togther as one big nation…and this will happen to Darfur too. You just have to let THEM fight…but i’m not saying that it’s not great to help the refugees in this situation….but leave the fighting to them and don’t try to stop it because look at the conflict the US is currently in right now. We have nothing to do with Darfur, and we should leave it alone

  • Billy, yes you’re right about the idea of Darfur being a genocide carried out by evil Arabs against Africans. It is very simplistic and not true. However you’re completely wrong to say that we should let them fight. Let them fight? Please!! The situation is horrific and with the right way of applying pressure people can bring peace. Lives can be saved. After decades of war, there is now very decent peace in South Sudan. This peace was brought about by applying pressure, NOT by letting people fight. The root causes of this conflict need to be addressed, mainly the shortage of water in Darfur. So please, you may want to sit back and watch them fight but most people simply won’t accept that.

  • John John

    This whole thing is just another attempt by certain elements in American society and abroad to continue their anti-Muslim, anti-Arab and oil mongering campaign. Back to the playbook they go, when America sent CIA and arms under the cover of the Peace Corp in the same region. The U.S. government and their “Save Darfur” propagandists have the temerity to even bring race into the equation, but only by lying. The vast majority of the people are Black Arabic speaking Muslims and Black Muslims that speak tribal languages. The remaining small groups of animist and Christians in the very south of the country had been living without the attention of America or the majority of Sudanese until America saw its evil little opening, using drop offs of food and guns to its supported militia groups in the hunger ravaged Congo (where America and Western Europe has just finished creating genocide to keep its hands on that nations resources) to entice them across the border to augment the population. This is a man made crisis and America and its satellite buddy in the Middle East that need not be named, is using “crisis” as an excuse to send in their people or their little trained African mercenaries parading as “peace keepers”. The argument used is that the crisis is more important than sovereignty. If that is the case then let’s have some nations come and take over our ghettos and claim Louisiana as their new mandate. Next thing you know this blog will be worried about Zimbabweans hungry from sanctions because that evil dictator man took some of the white colonists’ plantations away to give to those awful negroes. Word to the wise- check who started this campaign and who is pushing it. We have killed and destroyed enough for these people, it is time to stop. You know there are millions of slaves in Central and South America, India and Southeast Asia, and in sweatshops here in our own backyard, living in slavery, being raped and brutally treated, starving and all for our economic benefit. What AIPAC, their amen-psuedo-humanitarian-left corner or big business didn’t tell you?!

  • In regard to Cecil Drake’s comment, China does have a role to play in Darfur, but boycotting Walmart or Chinese goods will not be effective, nor are these realistic tactics.

    Still, China can play a large role in pressuring Khartoum. Due to China’s extensive economic interests in Sudan, leaders in Beijing are in a unique – indeed unrivaled – position to persuade Sudan to consent immediately to a true and robust U.N. operation in Darfur.

    Beijing is also the host of the 2008 Summer Olympics, an event that stands for peace and brotherhood. As the Games approach, advocates for security in Darfur have an extraordinary opportunity to reach out to the Chinese government, in its role as host, to urge Beijing’s leaders to use their considerable influence with Sudan.

    Please visit http://www.DreamforDarfur to learn more about the Olympic Dream for Darfur campaign, and find out how you can encourage China to put pressure on Sudan to accept a civilian protection force in Darfur.

  • Improving the life of someone in Darfur is as simple as recycling an old cell phone. ECO-CELL, an environmental cell phone recycling and green fund raising company, has issued a challenge to the entire nation. Remember that old, unused cell phone you tucked in the back of the drawer when you upgraded to the newest model? On April 13, 2008, World Darfur Day, ECO-CELL wants you to help recycle to raise dollars for Darfur by sending in that phone to be recycled.

    The company is encouraging everyone to collect as many unused cell phones as possible and send them in to be recycled. Any phones mailed during the month of April will be counted toward the Dollars for Darfur initiative and proceeds will be donated to SaveDarfur Coalition (www.savedarfur.org) and the United Nations World Food Programme (www.wfp.org.)

    Why recycle that old phone? Besides protecting the environment from toxins found in cell phones such as lead and arsenic, by recycling your phone through ECO-CELL, you can also help raise funds for the crisis in Darfur. Giving just a little can provide so much:

    $25 can buy 3 donkey plows for 3 displaced families.
    $50 can buy 3 blankets for a displaced family.
    $100 can buy a treadle pump for a kitchen garden.

    “We wanted to create a way that everyone in the nation could make a positive statement for our brothers and sisters in Darfur. Maybe you want to help but don’t have the means to donate cash,” said Eric Ronay, ECO-CELL President. “This way everyone can make a contribution with a positive effect for both the planet and its inhabitants. One phone or one hundred—every one you send in not only keeps toxins out of a landfill but also generates valuable dollars for a cause that needs our help.”

    For those participants that send in ten or more phones, ECO-CELL will pay the shipping. Simply email program@eco-cell.org to request a free shipping label. Provide your name, address, phone number and the number of phones you plan to send in to ECO-CELL. Participants who want to ship their phones directly to ECO-CELL should send them to: 2701 Lindsay Avenue, Louisville, KY 40206.

    In addition to the Dollars for Darfur initiative, ECO-CELL is locally sponsoring a tent for Tents of Hope, a journey of compassion and peace with the displaced persons and refugees of Darfur, Sudan. Tents of Hope (www.tentsofhope.org) is a one-year campaign in which people respond as communities to the crisis in Darfur, Sudan by creating tents that are both unique works of art and focal points for learning about, assisting and establishing relationships with the people of Sudan. The project will culminate in October 2008 with the “Gathering of the Tents” in Washington D.C.

    About ECO-CELL
    ECO-CELL is a cell phone recycling and fundraising company that works with a variety of organizations in the U.S. and Canada, particularly zoos and conservation programs, to collect used cell phones and raise funds for those organizations. ECO-CELL helps keep cell phones out of landfills and provides organizations with a profitable, easy to use, environmentally focused fund-raising program. For more information, visit: http://www.eco-cell.org.

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