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This Week in Palestinian Blogs: Freedom Made In West Bank and Gaza

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The 29th of November was the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People [1]. A candle vigil was held in East Jerusalem [2]. Wish that by next year occupation will be history, that we celebrate the 29th as the day that brought us all together to protest the partition of the Palestinian land into two separate states in 1947 and affirm our rights of the land [3].

News of the Blogsphere:

Following up the Palestinian parliamentary elections, Barghouti [4] wins internal Fatah elections [5], Barghuti is seen as a successor [6] to president Abbas [7]. It is worthy of mention, that Fatah elections did not go smoothly [8], at all [9]. Hamas's list of candidates is ready [10], and Ariel Sharon threatens to arrest Hamas candidates immediately [11] if they go through Israeli military roadblocks.

Four activists from CPT [12] were kidnapped in Iraq. A CPT's press release [13] says [14] the four men were on their way to meet with members of the Islamic Scholars Association. Palestinian political parties condemned the crime and demanded the release of the four CPT [15] while Palestinians in West Bank and Gaza demonstrated and called for their immediate release, describing them as friends and appealing to the Iraqi people through signs in Arabic and English. Please sign [16] the petition [17]. One of the four activists is Tom Fox, a fellow blogger who is waiting in the light [18].

Photo credit: International Solidarity Movement

Sabbah reports that a reporter from Al Jazeera was arrested [19] in the West Bank [20] by the Israeli occupational forces. Awad Rajoub, Palestinian reporter was arrested at his home in Al-Khalil (Hebron). Rajoub reports for Al-Jazeera [21] Arabic Website. He also writes for Islam Online [22] and Al Sharq Qatari newspaper.

Rafah Pundits writes about the shortcomings of Rafah Crossing [23], the crossing is opened only four hours everyday while thousands line up waiting for their turn. More importantly, Palestinian analyst says the situation is not much different, Israeli occupational forces still decide on who is permitted to enter and who is not remotely with the aid of their surveillance cameras. Other problems addressed are the restrictions on the Egyptian side, problems leaving Gaza Strip and more. Rafah Pundits reported earlier that Shaul Mofaz, the Israeli Defence Minister, threteaned to shut down Rafah Crossing [24].

umkahlil confesses: I'm in love! [25]

What we talk about:

If you are not with us then you are against us! [26] seems like Haitham Sabbah was inspired by Bush, or wait, I think that Bush was inspired by zionists and Haitham was only venting out his frustration. Thankfully, some still believe in that “Religion belongs to God, but the homeland belongs to all” [27], and be it a Muslim, Christian or Jewish [28] (randomly ordered), those who inhibited the land of Palestine centuries ago before they were kicked, twice in 1948 and 1967, have the right to return.

peacepalestine posted a very interesting interview [29] with Mahmoud Musa, the academic director of the Canadian Center for Comparative Cultural research [30] and president of the Association for One Democratic State in Palestine/Israel [31]. Mahmoud Musa believes that the Palestinian Authority should dissolve itself and form a human rights party that will struggle for political and social democracy for the people of Palestine.

Violations of human rights were (and being) committed by Israeli occupational forces, some of them were recognized and reported and many were not :

they have shelled a house, setting it on fire while its residents still inside [32], they are carrying out an ethnic cleansing policy in order to save some space for new settlements [33], fired rubber-coated bullets, sprayed tear-gas as they broke into an Israeli detention facility of Palestinian prisoners [34] leaving behind more than 20 detainees injured, and implementing a new policy of torture and impisonment of children [35].

The little things that matter…

Gilad Atzmon [36], dedicated a ballad [37] to the people murdered by the Israeli occupational forces in Palestine. Now what was more delightful to hear, Gilad's delightful music or him calling Bush, Blair and Sharon“the three biggest killers of mankind”? [38]

Freedom Clothing Project [39] now offers you the first “Made in the West Bank and Gaza” [40]clothing label [41] in the UK. Dress for a better world! [42]

nasrawi made a trip to Jerusalem, he says the annexation reflected on the residents, tension is in the air . He also took some lovely pictures of the old city [43].

The sounds of Palestinians waiting, with the patience of cactus [44], on checkpoints is recorded as unforgettable tunes and acoustics by several artists from around the globe. Checkpoint 303 [45] is the electronic expirement of recording the daily nightmare of Palestinians living under occupation.

Dude, Are you a zinoist? (yes or no) [38]. The questionnaire was made by two of peacepalestine‘s commenters.