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Chilean Bloggers: What happened with our Politics Blogging?

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Roberto Arancibia, a well known blogger in Chile, posts [1] that we are only ten days away from the presidential and parliamentary elections and that political Blogs should be burning hot, but….why aren't they?

Most of the comments [2] agree that blogs are not mainstream or still too “elite”. Maria Elena said [2] that “young people are not interested in politics,” while Christian [3] thinks [4] the candidates don’t really have arguments to debate, so they don’t need to use blogs.

“Politicians use their blogs to post speeches and press releases”, comments [5] Angela. And Pato M [6] said [7] that it “is because it's the end of the year”.

Carlos Valencia [8] thinks [9] that it is common for politicians to react late to small revolutions. He and Nadia [10] comment that no candidate offers true participative democracy, while another Carlos [11] also emphasizes that we have to “democratize democracy”.

The majority of political speech is about participative democracy, but why they don’t use blogs as a platform of participatory politics?