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Iranian Blogs: Unrest in University, Ahmadinejad in UN

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Government chose a cleric and university Professor, Ayatollah Amid Zanjani, as chancellor of Tehran University. There are many questions and concerns about his education and conservative political background. Fanous [1] ( Link in Persian), a collective blog, writes that Mr.Amid Zanjani has no university degree and government imposed his choice on university . According to Fanous, all of us in university have read his Islamic revolution & its roots book and all know he has nothing to do with university & research mentality.

Students in Tehran University protested against Mr.Amid Zanjani. It is said Iranian state is increasing security forces in universities. Hanif Mazroi [2](Link in Persian) considers student protest against new head of Tehran University useless. He also says he has a PhD from university. Further information from Khalagi [3], Iranian researcher based in Washington Institue [4], showed he was wrong on this point.According to Khalagi, Amid Zanjani is a conservative cleric close to Motalefeh [5] »(a very conservative group) and several times he was their candidate for parliamentary election. He is the first cleric as the head of University of Tehran [6], but during last two decades Iranian universities have experienced leadership of clerics many times.

Another hot issue in sites and even international newspapers is Mr.Ahmadinejad’s [7] story in UN. He claims during his speech in UN [8]a light surrounded him [9]( he means supernatural light).(Link in Persian in BBC).
Abthai [10](Link in Persian), former Vice President, says if by this light he means presence of Hidden Imam [11]is not acceptable in our religion [12].