This Week in Palestinian Blogs: Ending Occupation is What Really Matters to US

Rafah border was opened on the 25th of Nov, congratulations to all Palestinians!

On Rafah crossing, Rafah Pundits say the agreement reached between Palestinian and Israeli authorities state that Israel has no physical presence in the Rafah crossing except for reserving some sort of remote control, and the right to stop, search, arrest, detain or deny entry of anyone deemed by Israel as a “Palestinian suspect”.

As the January parliamentary elections approaches, a public opinion poll conducted by Al-Najah University showed that 75.5% of Palestinians will take part in the voting and only 66.8% believe that the elections will be held on its scheduled date. Moreover, 39.5% of the voters will vote for Fateh while 19.9% said will vote for Hamas. 53 % of participants said that they believe the elections will be fair and free.

Following up on some one-week-old news, peacepalestine has made an excellent attempt at Deconstructing Condi, offering us a good read. Check out the interesting feedback on the document. Condoleeza Rice visited Israel on the 13th of Nov to revive a peace process that had never been alive. Hillary, who had the same thoughts as Condoleeza's about the Wall, was sent a letter from Human Rights Watch, explaining to her what does the Wall really mean. By the way, neither did Hillary nor Condoleeza visit the occupied Palestinian territories.

On the same matter, umkahlil makes a wild guess at what Sinator Hillary Clinton will think of the criminal act of this lady.

Talking about Main Stream Media manipulation, Sabbah's Blog writes that BBC sanctions a journalist for insensitively feeling puzzled and shedding some tears upon watching a helicopter carry Arafat from his headquarters to a hospital in France.

Back to peacepalestine, a very interesting lesson in Hebrew teaches us how shalom is not peace (even though Judaism might disagree). Shalom means the freedom of conflict while achieving the maximum level of security. Peace is so much more than that, but then again nobody can blame Sharon for the mistranslation.

Inexplicable hatred of Israelis combined with shameless hatred of some Arabs and topped with the brutal practices of the Israeli occupation will definitely ruin even the bestest of mornings. davereed reports that the Israeli government is planning to demolish more houses in Anata, Beit Hanina and Silwan. Imagine one cold and rainy late night, in which you have to wake up and start removing all your belongings, not knowing where you should spend the night (chances are you'll spend it on the street). Either that or your house will be brought down by rockets while still inhibited, and oh, they might as well use one of your family as a shield.

From Sugar Cubes, a secret British document accuses Israel of taking measurements such as building illegal settlements and the Apartheid wall which jeopardize the peace process and prevent Jerusalem from becoming the capital of the Palestinian State, violating human rights all the way. I wonder what took them so long? and are they sick and fed up as we all are?

FromOccupiedPalestine, Bush has a vision for the future Palestinian State that resembles Dubai! what matters according to Bush, is not whether or not the occupation ends but rather the possibility of Gaza becoming a Dubai on the Mediterranean.

Students in Hebron protesting the electronic gates and x-ray screening systems

Israel violates human rights -again- by installing electronic gates and x-ray screeing systems in Hebron (Al-Khalil). Students, who were protesting non-violently last Thursday were attacked by gas canisters and percussion grenades used by the Israeli occupational forces. Needless to say, the inhumane practices of Israel occupational forces have their negative health effects on Palestinians. Teachers held classes outside at the checkpoints in protest to all the trouble their students have to go through everyday in order to reach school.See pictures on BBC.

From Baqa'a Refugee Camp, Israli occupational forces opened fire at anti-Wall rally in which Internationals, Israeli activists and Palestinians participated resulting with four persons wounded. At the rally, participants protested the Wall, the bullodizing of vast areas of olive trees, and turning villages into big jails.

Being familiar with oppression, dozens of Palestinian journalists demanded an International investigation regarding the recent news of Bush wanting to bomb Al-Jazeera office in Qatar. Al-Jazeera staffers started a blog to condemn the plan and ask for support.

Mordechai Vanunu, the Israeli Nuclear Whistle Blower has a letter for you. He talks about his latest arrest and the harassments by the Israeli authorities. Vanunu has offered his email, please do show your support and do not let Israel get away with this!

The little things that matter…

As a Palestinian I've heared a lot about the Nabulsi soap from my parents. Sadly the art and industry of making soap are dying slowly under the occupation, as it continues to suffer due to the stranglehod of the Palestinian economy and the regulations on International free trade.

On the 26th of this month, Nov, a conference will be held in Ireland to launch a divestment campaign that aims at getting Irish pension funds to divest from CRH, an Irish company which owns 25% of the only Israeli cement-manufacturing company until/unless it provides an absolute guarantee that it is no longer involved in the supply of materials used in illegal Israeli construction projects in the West Bank.

Lulu of CafeLulu describes what was it like to attend one of Ibdaa’s performances, Ibdaa’ created something out of nothing.

Imaan had a wonderful day out with her son in Gaza city, check out the pictures. Imaan, like everyone who roamed the street of the city, came face to face with poverty.


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  • I really enjoyed reading your summary of Palestinian blogs. I liked the fact that you could still mention the “little things that matter” among all the suffering and resistance going on. Looking forward to reading your posts.

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  • Lisoosh

    According to raf. on Rafah Pundits who read through the agreements the PA has veto power on entry and exit and the Israelis cannot detain or refuse entry to anyone.

    “from those it is clear that the israelis CANNOT prohibit anyone from entering/leaving gaza via the rafah crossing.

    the operative clauses are:

    in the agreement:

    “Use of the Rafah crossing will be restricted to Palestinian ID card holders and others by exception in agreed categories with prior notification to the GoI and approval of senior PA leadership.

    The PA will notify the GoI 48 hours in advance of the crossing of a person in the excepted categories-diplomats, foreign investors, foreign representatives of recognized international organizations and humanitarian cases.

    The GoI will respond within 24 hours with any objections and will include the reasons for the objections;

    The PA will notify the GoI of their decision within 24 hours and will include the reasons for their decision;”

    in the plo document:

    “On a case by case basis, the PA will consider information on persons of
    concern provided by the GoI. The PA will consult with the GoI and the 3rd
    party prior to the PA making a decision to prohibit travel or not. During this
    consultation, which will not take more than six hours, the person in question will not be permitted to cross.”

    ya’nii – the PA will consult with the israelis (GoI = Government of Israel) and the e.u. observers (3rd party) but the final decision lies with the PA.”

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