Ethiopia, Eritrea military build up

Friends of Ethiopia reports the UN is threatening acton against Ethiopia and Eritrea if they do not reverse their military build up. If either nation refuses they could face sanctions.


  • I think Eritrea is not going accept a lopsided resolution, to effect it’s sovereignty. War is costly but it is a price one has to pay in order to reverse, the occupation of Eritrean land. War is the last resort, but the government has been seeking a just recourse of the final and binding verdict of Boundary commission for the past 2 year with no result.

  • Meles Zenawi has no place in Ethiopia. He has no legitimacy to speak on behalf of Ethiopia, or represent Ethiopia and go to war with any country. The people have called for his resignation, but he has time and again responded with sheer brutality marked by mass killings and mass detentions in an enviornment he has blanketed with a nationwide terror. He has carefully built a special force that has unbridled powers over the Federal Police or the Standing Army. Given the enormous nationwide resentment, Meles may feverishly try to open a new war front with Eritrea, or vice versa, which is not in the interest of Ethiopia either way. Which ever way the war comes, such war is secondary to the Big War Meles has been carrying out against our sovereign people. Legitimate leaders of the Ethiopian people are in jail; intellectuals are in jail; journalists and civil rights leaders are in jail; and are charged with “treason,” the maximum punishment an enemy can inflict. In other words, Ethiopia is held hostage by an enemy masquerading as a government from Addis. Readers should treat the peripheral “Badme War” news reports with caution because such reports are deliberately designed to divert public attention away from seeking to change the regime, to weaken and eventually kill the Ethiopian people’s struggle for freedom from a rule by the former Eritrean freedom fighter who – as a leader of the misnomer Tigray People’s Liberation Front – grabbed state power in 1991, and continued to inflict maximum attacks on Ethiopia. To let Meles sway us into the direction of his own creation is to abandon the people’s struggle for freedom. To save our country from further chaos, there is no alternative to securing the release of our jailed leaders, and other political detainees. The jailed leaders have the trust of the nation, who, within 24 hours, are capable of mobilizing the Ethiopian people if the country is in danger of being attacked by a foreign invader. So, the primary struggle would be against the internal enemy who sabotaged the 1998-2000 Ethiopia-Eritrea war and laughed at the deaths of 70,000 Ethiopian soldiers who fought heroically, assuming that their country was in the hand of an Ethiopian. It has never been. So Meles has to go!

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