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LamikayTy adds his comment to the disgraceful jumping of bail by Bayelsa State Governor, Alamieyeseigha………………He had the audacity to plan a multi million naira escape, (I heard it cost 300,000 Euros) with OUR MONEY! Abeg! I no fit cry! It’s appalling that he has stolen millions and is hailed by anyone at all as a matyr (for what cause?). “See” the houses he bought, the cash he has in various accounts all over the world, looted from the Government treasury! And He says he is being persecuted, for what now?
He should be hanged, burnt, dragged through the streets of Yenagoa in tatters! That's what happens to people who steal in Lagos!!!!


  • Obed Awowede

    Thank you Ekine, a beautiful submission. Everyone every where must feel a sense of outrage not just at what Governor Alamieyeseigha had done by escaping London but at the charges against him. Corruption is so pervasive in these parts and we indeed want to see an end to it so we can begin to grow as a people. However, given the political undertones to the governor’s trial, which i know as a journalist and a citizen of Nigeria’s Niger-Delta, Alamieyeseigha did the only logical thing in the circumstances.
    The governor, a strong advocate of resource control has been having a running battle with the federal government of President Olusegun Obasanjo. Is it not interesting therefore that the London Met would send two constables to Nigeria and as if they are diplomatic envoys are treated to a reception by the Nigerian president. Is that part of their investigation? is that how they conduct investigations in London? If a British official is arrested in Nigeria, would Prime Minister Tony Blair grant audience to our Inspector-General of police let alone two constables? Let it be known that by hosting those two British constables President Obasanjo demeaned his office and Nigerians. He disgraced us. We know of several friends of the president who are corrupt but are shielded from prosecution by the presidency; several have been reported, nothing has been done to them. There is man called Chris Uba, un-schooled and illiterate. Uba admitted in press interviews and even before the president that he rigged[manipulated] the 2003 presidential and governorship elections in Anambra State to the favour of the president’s party. Obasanjo said he was disgusted but he didn’t see a crime in what Uba did, which is a high offence. Instead, Uba is being promoted to the party’s highest ranking office-the board of trustees! What for? Effective rigging? I have it said that Alamieyeseigha is a fugitive and Nigeria cannot be a safe haven for fugitives. In fact that was by the head of the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission, which is investigating the governor. In terestingly, Obasanjo has shown that he has no qualms protecting as long as they are his friends. For about two years now, the president has given shelter to one of the world’s notorious thieves and killers, the disgraced president of Liberia, Charles Taylor, against the wishes of the Liberian people ans the War Crimes Tribunal in Sierra Leone. Taylor lives in opulence in Calabar with Nigerian security men guarding him.
    Ekine, if we want to show that we are angry with the system here in Nigeria, let us be practical. Identify the thieves and their godfathers amongst us, from president to councillor, disregard whatever security they may have and beat them up!

  • Obed Awowede

    I am sorry, Ekine. I realised my error after i’ve posted in my reply

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