This Week in Palestinian Blogs: More than Checkpoints

Yesterday the 20th of November was the Universal Children's Day. Happy anniversary children of the World, may you celebrate this year and every year with joy, health and peace…

Palestine Blogs took the opportunity to remember Palestine's dear children who has been suffering under the Israeli occupation since as early as 1967 and wish them a happier anniversary next time.

By pharaoh.berger

On other issues, Palestine Blogs write about the withdrawal plan of UNRWA that is taking place after the Gaza Disengagement Plan. Refugees protested, claiming that aids are still needed as the city continues to live under occupation represented by the continuous air raids of the Israeli forces and the all-night-long terrorizing sound of Supersonic Booms.

“Creativity is a bless”, says I. Quoting Naseem Trawaneh, Palestinian refugees can be found now in Gumball Machanies.

Great news for Palestinians, you can now cross the borders to Egypt or move freely between Gaza and the West Bank. And on Novemebr 25 Gaza seaport construction would begin.

peacepalestine posted a very interesting story-like article by Zaki Boulos reflecting on the Palestinian elections. Zaki thinks maybe elections isn't the answer.

Imaan from Living in Gaza City blogged Sheikhs who shake it!, thanks for the laugh Imaan. Also check photos of beautiful Gaza she took from her friend's livingroom window.

Four days ago, the 17th of this month marked the day when Berlin Wall has fallen. It is now celebrated for two happy anniversaries, the falling of a wall and the day when Palestinian villagers united with Israeli and international activists to protest against the Apartheid Wall.

Hillary Clinton and Condoleeza Rice, two minds that think alike? well, at least when it comes to the Wall maybe. umkahlil says it is time the US taxpayers see the two ladies for what they are: “self-serving politicians with little regard for the human and civil rights of their fellow men and women.” As for Hillary, I'm not surprised a bit, not even if she suggested Palestinians eat cake. Besides, Hillary is fully aware of what she's talking about, after all it is only to protect us all from terrorism, get it through your thick heads Palestinians, Israel occupational forces took only 5330 dunums of your land affecting more than 30% of your families, took full control of all your water supplies just to let terrorists (not you, terrorists!) die from thirst. They might also let you suffocate with gas everynow and then to calm you down. I'm sure the US can learn a lot about how to fight terrorism without torture from Israel. God help us…
Back to Hillary‘s statement,Mike Odetalla, wrote a very profound letter to Hillary condemnig what she said.

On checkpoints, a must-see documentary filmed by Israelis is now available on DVD. Some parts of the reviews were really touching, I wonder what it's like to watch it, or what it's like to live it:

In a not particularly optimistic but entirely poignant conclusion, a group of young Palestinian men sit in the dark at a checkpoint, in the pouring rain and thunder. One of the men protests that he has been sitting there for ten hours…
By “The Electronic Intifada

The waiting is a central theme in this film. The Palestinians are waiting to go home, to go to work, to go to classes, to go anywhere, but they wait: anger and frustration fueling their discontent. Women and children turned away at the door and you hear a Palestinian man wondering out loud if these children are also terrorists. “Terrorists don’t come through the checkpoints. Isn’t that right?” he says.
By The Black Iris of Jordan

For another real story about checkpoints, read what the Bethlehem Blogger wrote about his visit to a zoo in Jerusalem.

Olympia sister of Rafah is building connections between the two cities right from Rafah. On November 29, the International Day of Solidarity with the Palestinian People, a video conference will be held with ORSCP delegates in Rafah. In Rafah Pundits also, Rachel Rebuilding Project in Gaza rebuilds hope in Gazans houses, one house at a time.

Some fresh news from the International Solidarity Movement says residents of Tubas area will hold an anti-checkpoint demonstration on tuesday.

Sheikh Ikrima Sabri, the Mufti of Jerusalem said that the walls surrounding Al-Haram Al-Sharif around Al-Aqsa mosque and the old city has been weakened by Israeli excavations. Rafah Pundits reported what Sheikh Sabri has said to Al-Jazeera.

On a follow up on Iman Al-Hams‘ case, her murderer was acquitted on the 16th of this month. The Israeli soldier shot Iman (13 year old) on her way to school putting 17 bullets into her body although was warned according to a tape that Iman was just a child who was scared to death. The soldier said he would have done the same even if she had been three years old, nevetheless, he was acquitted on all charges.


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