New Specialist Blogs: A Growing Chilean Opportunity

Inside the Chilean Blogs world, we have a specialist blog community. This community is characterized by people that have worked for the government, or are in the academic field, participate in social movement and also have leadership in their area. It is not only a thematic blog community, these are advisors that have moved to the blog world to express their own beliefs and they have a deep commitment to building a better society. They use the blog as a platform for spread their knowledge. Most of them are advisors, have governmental jobs or have some government relations, or just because of their leadership are in some way involved in the architecture of social meaning. What follows is not a complete list of all the specialist leadership bloggers, but a selection that will be growing in the next post.

José Miguel Muga works on the Congress library as Director of the project for Innovation of services for parliaments and citizens, oriented to develop public value to actual and new library services, sponsored by IADB. His blog is a mixture of social and viral marketing.

José Joaquin Brunner is an expert on the field of education, ex Secretary of Education; actually he is a research-professor of Adolfo Ibanez University and also member of the directive board of the International Institute of Planning Education (IIPE), of the UNESCO. His blog is about education and reflections about it. Another education field is design: Rodrigo Walker, Director of Design School of “Universidad Mayor” , works with students to develop skills that allow them to be competitive about the opportunities that international economic treatments give us, in the industrial design area. The blog is oriented to give students that vision.

Jorge Navarrete is an Advisor of the council committee of the National Defense Ministry, and his blog is about different publications of national and international political issues. Also, Clara Szczaranski, head of the Council of the same ministry has her personal view of life on her blog, using it as a form to express her reflections.


  • […] A poco más de tres meses, el 08 de septiembre, Rodrigo Walker y su servidor inaugaramos nuestros respectivos blogs, Chile País de Diseño y El Respetable. Hoy nuevamente compartimos un honor, aparecer en Global Voices de Harvard Law School. Ayer salió publicado (todavía esta en portada), un artículo de blogs chilenos de personas que están preocupadas de la educación, trabajan en cargos públicos o académicos y que usan sus blogs como plataforma para dar a conocer sus conocimientos. Estaba mencionado José Joaquín Brunner, Clara Szczaranski y Jorge Navarrete. […]

  • Sara hormazabal

    Being in the university, always it was more attractive to me the multimedia and Web design. I found that area like my professional specialization.
    I did my student job in the Third Young Design Show Room, commanded by the Design School of the Universidad Mayor, where I studied design, whose director was Rodrigo Walker, a well known designer in Chile. Soon after and without concluding the period of my student job, Mr. Walker told me that a company of software and Web was looking for a designer to be appointed at the head position of the design area and to form a team oriented to have better results in his products and services. Thus it was the way as I arrived at Blue Company, company that thanks to its proximity with Mr. Fernando Flores, had the Now How of the world of the Blogs.

    And thus I began to live my professional life in the market, learning codes and texts unknown for the designers, and Open Source technologies, meetings with clients, etc. Just a short time being part of the company and handling several codes to create Web sites, I began to listen about the Blogs, something totally unknown for my at that time.
    However, I realized its potential when with Camilo Herrera we created the Community of Blogs or as we called “BLOGOSFERA” of the Altamira School, where Camilo was the General Manager. After having it only one week on the air, I was very impressed with the possibilities and effects of the Blogs. Thus I began to design Blogs and more Blogs for companies and educational institutions. After have passed almost a year absorbing all the knowledge and experience I decided to be an independent designer. I made public that decision because I saw me in the market with an almost unique offer as designer, knowing where are going to the educative tendencies, the technologies, etc. And again, thanks to the recommendation of Rodrigo Walker, I received a call at my mobile from a professor of the university, José Miguel Muga, who knew that within Rodrigo Walker’s circle I was the fresh offer regarding the Blogs. Due to that advantage, I was in charge of the design of his blog, called ”El Respetable…” (“The Respected…”, the public). Thus I have been making me well-known and getting more experience in this world of the Blogs, of which I feel totally involved from the offer of the design point of view.
    I think that if I never had been in the Center of Students of my school, I would not had the proximity and confidence with Rodrigo Walker, like so that he supported me with a technology company in which I acquired a knowledge that is not available in any other place, and I would not be an offer for the revolution that is coming on, I had not designed the blog of José Miguel Muga and I would not be writing this article…And the worst thing would be not have the certainty that the blogs, beyond of raising a web site or interaction or design, is really a new form of communication, emotions and sensations, in fact Web 2.0, is a new way to feel the Web.

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